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Eaton Main Bolted Pressure Contact Switches Eaton Safety Switches
Eaton’s main bolted pressure contact switches have helped pioneer the development of high-quality electrical products for commercial and industrial applications since 1891.

Eaton's Safety Switches are applied as service entrance and branch circuit protection as well as motor disconnects for safe switching and lock-out, tag-out (LOTO) applications.

Lutron Panels TORK Timers & Switchgear
Softswitch128® is a switching system that is ideal for small to medium sized switching projects. A system consists of panels, control stations, occupancy sensors, and photocells. .

TORK’s finely engineered time switches have been reliably controlling everything from lighting to farm feeding for almost a century. But mechanical and digital time switches aren’t their only specialty; the TORK offering includes Photocontrols, Occupancy Sensors, and TORKAlert™ Signaling Devices.