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UNIPAK with Harmonic Rated Capacitor Cells
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Eaton 10043HURF Eaton 10043HURN Eaton 10063HURF
Eaton 15043HURF Eaton 15043HURN Eaton 15063HURF
Eaton 1543HURF Eaton 1543HURN Eaton 1563HURF
Eaton 20043HURF Eaton 20043HURN Eaton 20063HURF
Eaton 25043HURF Eaton 25043HURN Eaton 25063HURF
Eaton 2543HURF Eaton 2543HURN Eaton 2563HURF
Eaton 3043HURF Eaton 3043HURN Eaton 3063HURF
Eaton 5043HURF Eaton 5043HURN Eaton 5063HURF
Eaton 6043HURF Eaton 6043HURN Eaton 6063HURF
Eaton 7543HURF Eaton 7543HURN Eaton 7563HURF
Harmonic Rated Capacitor Cells
  • Standard voltage rated capacitor cells designed for higher dielectric strength and with added ability to withstand stress caused by dv/dt voltage transients caused by harmonics
  • Better suited for harmonic applications than higher voltage rated cells