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Bringing the Power of Electricity into Your Life

Every day, everywhere, hundreds of millions of electrical products get plugged in. From personal care appliances to industrial production machinery, we depend upon electricity to support the life we enjoy.

It takes a lot more than an outlet on the wall to bring the power of electricity into their lives. It takes boxes and fittings. Connectors and fasteners. Wiring duct and terminal. Cable tray and strut. Grounding and insulation. Switchgear and high voltage rubber goods. Transmission poles and towers.

Peel back the walls of your home or office, look inside the electrical appliances that fill your home or workplace, or gaze out at the landscape on your next drive in the country, and you'll find these, and hundreds of other Thomas & Betts products helping connect and transmit electricity for everyday use. In industrial facilities, you'll discover their electrical products helping power industrial machinery and their heating products helping control comfort and energy costs.