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22mm Pushbuttons, Indicator Lights & Stations 30mm Pilot Devices and Stations
The complete range of pushbuttons and indicator lights are part of the extensive SIRIUS pilot and signaling devices.

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The 30mm pilot devices are designed to stand up to the punishing water, dust and oil environments of American manufacturing.

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Pushbuttons & Safety Devices

A robust product suitable for any industrial application while maintaining modularity and offering consumers the flexibility of design.

Announcing the new Class 52 Pilot Devices - Available NOW!

Siemens has announced that they have improved their existing line of Class 52 Pilot Devices and have expanded to include new products. Their complete range of oil tight pilot devices will provide a solution that is aesthetically pleasing and functionally impressive.

New Products: Integrated LED Module, Twist-to-Release, and 3 Position Push-Maintained Pull-Momentary

Product Enhancements: The new modular design allows for quick delivery, multiple distributor options and a full product line for the end-user. Lighting modules, operators and lens can be ordered fully assembled or independently depending upon the application. The latest illumination technology includes traditional incandescent lights, energy saving LEDs, and extra bright cluster LEDs. The ribbed concentric lens provides improved lighting distribution and aesthetic appeal.