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G3NA-205B AC100-120 - Omron G3NA-205B AC200-240 - Omron G3NA-205B DC5-24V - Omron
G3NA-210B AC100-120V - Omron G3NA-210B AC200-240V - Omron G3NA-210B DC5-24V - Omron
G3NA-210B-UTU AC200-240 - Omron G3NA-210B-UTU DC5-24V - Omron G3NA-220B AC100-120 - Omron
G3NA-220B AC200-240V - Omron G3NA-220B DC5-24V - Omron G3NA-220B-UTU AC100-120 - Omron
G3NA-220B-UTU AC200-240 - Omron G3NA-220B-UTU DC5-24V - Omron G3NA-225B AC100-120 - Omron
G3NA-225B DC5-24 - Omron G3NA-225B-UTU DC5-24 - Omron G3NA-240B AC100-120 - Omron
G3NA-240B AC200-240V - Omron G3NA-240B DC5-24V - Omron G3NA-240B-UTU AC100-120 - Omron
G3NA-240B-UTU DC5-24V - Omron G3NA-410B AC100-240 - Omron G3NA-410B DC5-24V - Omron
G3NA-420B AC100-240 - Omron G3NA-420B DC5-24V - Omron G3NA-D210B AC100-240 - Omron
G3NA-D210B DC5-24V - Omron G3NA-D210B-UTU DC5-24 - Omron
Omron is #1 in Relays! They are the world's leader. Period. They make a wide range of low signal relays, MOS FET relays, power PCB relays, general purpose relays and solid state relays. All of which are 100% factory tested to ensure 100% total satisfaction!

Omron leads the world in advanced relay production and quality, assuring reliable performance, and ready stock wherever you manufacture. With over 75 years of experience, they continue to apply the latest technologies to offer you smaller, faster and more efficient relays for a wide range of applications. Their global network of sales and technical support can also provide a full line of advanced micro sensors, photomicrosensors, electromechanical switches and flexible PCB connectors.