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Lutron is a technology-centered and people-driven company. As a private corporation guided by their founder’s simple but profound Five Principles, Lutron has a long history of significant growth and smart innovations.

Saving Energy… One Dimmer at a Time

No matter where they’re installed or how big the system, every Lutron product saves energy by reducing electrical consumption. Taken as a whole, Lutron light controls have reduced electrical use by 9.2 billion kWh, which reduces our customers’ electric bills by $1 billion annually.

Lutron also protects the environment by decreasing the demand for light bulbs. Since dimmers extend lamp life, customers have to buy fewer bulbs, and that reduces the energy and environmental impacts associated with the manufacturing of fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, and other types of lamps.

A Global Presence

A privately held company, Lutron is headquartered in Coopersburg, PA, about 50 miles north of Philadelphia.

Lutron sales and service offices are located worldwide, with offices in London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Beijing.

Five Principles of Lutron

Over the years, their business has continued to grow dramatically, both domestically and internationally. They began with only 2 products, and now provide over 15,000 products to their global customers. Lutron’s success is a result of the strong principles and philosophies, which guide their growth. Their founder, Joel Spira, developed five principles:
  1. Take care of the customer.
    The customer is our number one priority and the reason we exist as a company.

  2. Take care of the company.
    Lutron is dedicated to growth and innovative development.

  3. Take care of the people.
    Lutron provides opportunities for its employees to fully develop their abilities and make a personal contribution to the success of the company.

  4. Innovate with high quality products.

  5. Deliver value to the customer.