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Miniature Controls
Miniature Contactors Miniature Overload Relays
Miniature Contactors

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Miniature Overload Relays

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Eaton’s new line of XT miniature controls includes non-reversing and reversing mini contactors, mini overload relays and snap-on accessories. A wide range of applications is possible, including small electrical motors from fractional to 5 hp (460 Vac) or up to 4 kW (400 Vac).

Mini Contactors—Types XTMC and XTMF, 6–9A

  • AC control from 12V to 550V 50 Hz, 600V 60 Hz
  • DC control from 12V to 220V
  • Reversing or non-reversing
  • Three- and four-pole configurations
  • Three-pole XTMC
  • Four-pole XTMF
  • Panel or DIN rail mounting
  • IP20 finger and back-ofhand proof
  • Low noise operation
  • High degree of climatic proofing
  • Large ambient temperature range –25° to 50°C [–13° to 122°F]
Mini Overload Relays—Bimetallic Type XTOM
  • Phase failure sensitivity
  • Direct mount to XTMC and XTMF mini contactors
  • Trip Class 10
  • 11 settings to cover 0.1 to 12A
  • Ambient temperature compensated –5° to 50°C [23° to 122°F]
  • Manual and automatic reset by selector switch
  • One make (NO) or one break (NC) auxiliary contact as standard
  • Test/Off button
  • Trip-free release