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Motor Protective Circuit Breakers
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PKM0-32 - Eaton PKZM0-0.16 - Eaton PKZM0-0.16-T - Eaton
PKZM0-0.25 - Eaton PKZM0-0.4 - Eaton PKZM0-1 - Eaton
PKZM0-1.6 - Eaton PKZM0-10 - Eaton PKZM0-12 - Eaton
PKZM0-16 - Eaton PKZM0-2.5 - Eaton PKZM0-20 - Eaton
PKZM0-25 - Eaton PKZM0-32 - Eaton PKZM0-4 - Eaton
PKZM0-6.3 - Eaton PKZM0-6.3-C - Eaton PKZM0-XC45 - Eaton
PKZM4-25 - Eaton PKZM4-32 - Eaton PKZM4-40 - Eaton
PKZM4-50 - Eaton PKZM4-58 - Eaton PKZM4-63 - Eaton
The proven PKZM0 switches motors from 0.16 to 32 A. The short-circuit breaking capacity is now rated to 150 kA up to 12 A and 50 kA up to 32 A. The PKZM 4 also has a breaking capacity up to 50 kA. With this, current limiters become almost unnecessary. These motor-protective circuit-breakers are matched to the DIL contactor series, which is ideal for the configuration of motor-starter combinations.

Regardless of whether it is an integrated auxiliary contact, trip-indicating auxiliary contact, voltage release or door coupling rotary handle, the accessories can be used for both the PKZM0 and the PKZM4.

   All setting ranges are short-circuit proof up to 50 kA (400V)
   - Short-circuit calculations and prefusing are not necessary
   Common and comprehensive accessories for all sizes
   - Facilitates savings in logistics and engineering
   Accessories (auxiliary contacts and shunt trips) are installed without tools
   - Reduces installation time
   Electrically and mechanically compatible to the contactor series DIL
   -Same width for same performance, space-saving installation and transparent engineering
   All conventional international approvals
   - Common engineering basis for different applications and export countries.