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Electronic Manual Motor Protector
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The XT Electronic Manual Motor Protector provides the same functionality as the XT thermal manual motor protector, but with an added level of flexibility and selectability. The XTPE incorporates electronic control technology to enable more options and larger dial setting ranges. The trip units are interchangeable, allowing users to exchange as needed using the same base. The reduced number of part numbers decreases bill of material complexity while reducing inventory demands. The XTPE electronic manual motor protector includes the following features:
  • 4:1 max to min overcurrent dial setting range
  • Selectable trip class (5, 10, 15, 20)
  • Interchangeable trip units
  • Three base units (12, 32 and 65A)
  • Common accessories with the XTPR
Advanced Trip Unit
In addition to the selectability, the XTPE is also available with an advanced trip unit that can communicate system data and protector data thru SmartWire-DT. SmartWire-DT is an innovative cost effective connection technology that enables quick installation of control wiring to the starter through a single green cable. When on SmartWire-DT, the XTPE can communicate the following:
  • Current Values
    • Maximum phase current
    • Overload warning
  • Diagnostics Data
    • Overload fault
    • Cause of trip (overcurrent or short circuit)
    • Phase loss
    • Trip via TEST
  • Status Messages
    • Control unit type
    • Overload setting
    • Time-lag
    • Switching status
XTPE Electronic MMP
The XTPE Electronic MMP provides the selectability, control, and insight options that give panel builders and OEMs the solutions necessary to enhance motor control designs while reducing total costs.