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Contactors and Starters
Contactors Starters

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The Eaton XT contactors and starters includes nonreversing and reversing contactors, overload relays and a variety of related accessories. Because XT meets IEC, UL®, CSA® and CE standards, it is the perfect product solution for IEC applications all over the world. The compact, space saving and easy to install XT line of IEC contactors and starters is the efficient and effective solution for customer applications from 7A to 2450A.
  • AC control from 12V to 600V 50/60 Hz
  • DC control from 12V to 220V
  • Available with screw or spring cage terminals
  • Reversing or non-reversing contactors and starters
  • AC-3 contactor ratings to 1000A and AC-1 contactor ratings to 2000A
  • Non-reversing starters to 650A
  • Panel or DIN rail mounting to 65A
  • IP20 finger and back-ofhand proof
  • Large ambient temperature range, –25 to 50°C [–13 to 122°F]
  • AC and DC controlled contactors in the same compact frame
  • Low power consumption AC and DC coils
  • Built-in NO or NC auxiliary contacts to 32A
  • Plug-in accessories for reduced installation time
  • Coil replacement on Frames C–N (18–820A)
  • Contact replacement on Frames D–N (40 –820A)
  • Integrated suppressor 7–150A DC operated contactors and 185–2000A AC and DC operated contactors