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XB Terminal Blocks
Circuit Breakers Custom Assemblies
The thermal miniature circuit breaker can be switched back on again, has a compact design, and is available in 10 finely graded steps for nominal currents from 0.1 to 10A.

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DIN rail provides the basis for the inner design of the control cabinet and ensures a firm hold of the rail-mountable components.

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Hybrid Blocks IDC Blocks
The XBPU spring cage hybrid terminal blocks offer the best of both worlds. One side offers a spring cage connection and the other side offers the universal screw connection.

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The XBQT IDC terminal block has the fastest connection time in a compact design. The space-saving front connection design offers additional space for wiring between the cable ducts.

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Mini Blocks Pluggable Spring Connection Receptacles
The XB miniature terminal blocks have a connection cross-section from 1.5 mm2 through 4 mm2 and mount on 15 mm DIN rail.

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Plug-in contacts can be accommodated safely in cable ducts and distributor shafts without using much space.

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Spring Cage Connection Single Level Through-Feed Standard Screw
The space-saving design and front entry design make the XBPT Series ideal for control systems where there is little space.

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The XB3UK sensor terminal blocks reduce installation time by terminating threewire devices such as photoelectric and proximity sensors in a single terminal block.

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Thermoelectric Voltage Accessories
The XB Series includes application specific terminal blocks like the XBUT4TG disconnect block that accommodates disconnect component and fuse terminal blocks.

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Terminal Blocks offer high-volume interconnect of control and signal circuitry, when labor cost reduction and ease of assembly is desired. Applications include automated equipment, machine tools, packaging/material handling machinery, railway/mass transit systems, and petrol-chemical.

Eaton's Terminal blocks are designed for long use under demanding conditions. The XB Series of IEC Terminal Blocks offers a full line of terminal blocks complete with universal accessories across three connection technologies, screw, spring cage and Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC), reducing inventory and logistic costs. Series Modular terminal blocks are designed to conserve space, while allowing maximum flexibility and simple installation.

Sometimes it's the little things...
Eaton knows that sometimes it's the little things that make a world of difference. That's why Eaton's complete line of motor control solutions for OEMs includes everything from sophisticated drives and power control to logic components like pushbuttons and terminal blocks - all the latest in technology. Each piece comes together to give Eaton the edge when it comes to OEM centric solutions - every piece of the puzzle from a supplier you can trust.