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IDC Blocks
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XBQT15 - Eaton XBQT15BU - Eaton XBQT15D12 - Eaton
XBQT15D22 - Eaton XBQT15D22BU - Eaton XBQT15PE - Eaton
XBQT25 - Eaton XBQT25BU - Eaton XBQT25D12 - Eaton
XBQT25D12BU - Eaton XBQT25D12PE - Eaton XBQT25FBE - Eaton
XBQT25FBEL24 - Eaton XBQT25FBEL250 - Eaton XBQT25FBEL60 - Eaton
XBQT25PE - Eaton XBQTT15 - Eaton XBQTT15PE - Eaton
The XBQT IDC terminal block has the fastest connection time in a compact design. The space-saving front connection design offers additional space for wiring between the cable ducts. The double bridge shaft can accommodate individual chain bridging and step-down bridging from other terminal blocks. The XBQT ground blocks are the same shape as the feed-through terminal blocks with the same wide range of cross-sections available. They easily snap
onto the DIN rail to make a reliable mechanical and electrical contact that meets all requirements of IEC 60-947-7-2.