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Univar XV Metal-Enclosed Medium Voltage
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Eaton 100243MVF3C Eaton 100413MVF3 Eaton 100413MVF3C
Eaton 100483MVF3 Eaton 100483MVF3C Eaton 125243MVF3C
Eaton 125413MVF3 Eaton 125413MVF3C Eaton 125483MVF3
Eaton 125483MVF3C Eaton 150243MVF3C Eaton 150413MVF3
Eaton 150413MVF3C Eaton 150483MVF3 Eaton 150483MVF3C
Eaton 175243MVF3C Eaton 175413MVF3 Eaton 175413MVF3C
Eaton 175483MVF3 Eaton 175483MVF3C Eaton 200243MVF3C
Eaton 200413MVF3C Eaton 200483MVF3 Eaton 200483MVF3C
Eaton 225243MVF3C Eaton 225413MVF3 Eaton 225413MVF3C
Eaton 225483MVF3 Eaton 225483MVF3C Eaton 250243MVF3C
Eaton 250413MVF3 Eaton 250413MVF3C Eaton 250483MVF3
Eaton 250483MVF3C Eaton 25243MVF3C Eaton 25413MVF3
Eaton 25413MVF3C Eaton 25483MVF3 Eaton 25483MVF3C
Eaton 275243MVF3C Eaton 275413MVF3 Eaton 275413MVF3C
Eaton 275483MVF3 Eaton 275483MVF3C Eaton 300243MVF3C
Eaton 300413MVF3 Eaton 300413MVF3C Eaton 300483MVF3
Eaton 300483MVF3C Eaton 325243MVF3C Eaton 325413MVF3
Eaton 325413MVF3C Eaton 325483MVF3 Eaton 325483MVF3C
Eaton 350243MVF3C Eaton 350413MVF3 Eaton 350413MVF3C
Eaton 350483MVF3 Eaton 350483MVF3C Eaton 375243MVF3C
Eaton 375413MVF3 Eaton 375413MVF3C Eaton 375483MVF3
Eaton 375483MVF3C Eaton 400243MVF3C Eaton 400413MVF3
Eaton 400413MVF3C Eaton 400483MVF3 Eaton 400483MVF3C
Eaton 425243MVF3C Eaton 425413MVF3 Eaton 425413MVF3C
Eaton 425483MVF3 Eaton 425483MVF3C Eaton 450243MVF3C
Eaton 450413MVF3 Eaton 450413MVF3C Eaton 450483MVF3
Eaton 450483MVF3C Eaton 475243MVF3 Eaton 475243MVF3C
Eaton 475413MVF3 Eaton 475413MVF3C Eaton 475483MVF3
Eaton 475483MVF3C Eaton 500243MVF3C Eaton 500413MVF3
Eaton 500413MVF3C Eaton 500483MVF3 Eaton 500483MVF3C
Eaton 50243MVF3C Eaton 50413MVF3 Eaton 50413MVF3C
Eaton 50483MVF3 Eaton 50483MVF3C Eaton 525243MVF3C
Eaton 525413MVF3 Eaton 525413MVF3C Eaton 525483MVF3
Eaton 525483MVF3C Eaton 550243MVF3C Eaton 550413MVF3
Eaton 550413MVF3C Eaton 550483MVF3 Eaton 550483MVF3C
Eaton 575243MVF3C Eaton 575413MVF3 Eaton 575413MVF3C
Eaton 575483MVF3 Eaton 575483MVF3C Eaton 600243MVF3C
Eaton 600413MVF3 Eaton 600413MVF3C Eaton 600483MVF3
Eaton 600483MVF3C Eaton 625243MVF3C Eaton 625413MVF3
Eaton 625413MVF3C Eaton 625483MVF3 Eaton 625483MVF3C
Eaton 650243MVF3C Eaton 650413MVF3 Eaton 650413MVF3C
Eaton 650483MVF3 Eaton 650483MVF3C Eaton 675243MVF3C
Eaton 675413MVF3 Eaton 675413MVF3C Eaton 675483MVF3
Eaton 675483MVF3C Eaton 700243MVF3C Eaton 700413MVF3
Eaton 700413MVF3C Eaton 700483MVF3 Eaton 700483MVF3C
Eaton 725243MVF3C Eaton 725413MVF3 Eaton 725413MVF3C
Eaton 725483MVF3 Eaton 725483MVF3C Eaton 750243MVF3C
Eaton 750413MVF3 Eaton 750413MVF3C Eaton 750483MVF3
Eaton 750483MVF3C Eaton 75243MVF3C Eaton 75413MVF3
Eaton 75413MVF3C Eaton 75483MVF3 Eaton 75483MVF3C
Eaton 775243MVF3C Eaton 775413MVF3 Eaton 775413MVF3C
Eaton 775483MVF3 Eaton 775483MVF3C Eaton 800243MVF3C
Eaton 800413MVF3 Eaton 800413MVF3C Eaton 800483MVF3
Eaton 800483MVF3C Eaton 825243MVF3 Eaton 825243MVF3C
Eaton 825413MVF3 Eaton 825413MVF3C Eaton 825483MVF3
Eaton 825483MVF3C Eaton 850413MVF3 Eaton 850413MVF3C
Eaton 850483MVF3 Eaton 850483MVF3C Eaton 875413MVF3
Eaton 875413MVF3C Eaton 875483MVF3 Eaton 875483MVF3C
Eaton 900413MVF3 Eaton 900413MVF3C Eaton 900483MVF3C
Univar XV (5 kV class)
Metal-enclosed medium voltage power factor correction system

Eaton's Univar MV (5 kV class) are capacitors for medium voltage, heavy-duty applications where a fixed amount of capacitance (kvar) is required. Enclosures are 16-gauge steel finished with durable baked-on enamel and are gasketed for weatherproof, dustproof applications. Included discharge resistors reduce residual voltage to less than 50V within five minutes of de-energization.
  • 2400 V, 4160 V, 4800 V.
  • Fast economical payback.
  • Individual units or multiple assemblies can be designed.
  • Indoor dustproof/outdoor waterproof enclosures (NEMA 12, NEMA 3R).
  • Floor mounting.
  • All units above 4800 V are supplied with fusing on all three phases.
  • NEMA 3R terminal box.
Product description
  • Capacitors for medium voltage, heavy-duty applications:
  • Univar capacitors are designed for power factor correction in applications where a fixed amount of capacitance (kVAR) is required
  • Available in voltage ratings of 2400V, 4160V, and 4800V
  • Fast economical payback
  • Individual units or multiple assemblies can be designed
  • Indoor dustproof/outdoor waterproof enclosures (NEMA 12, NEMA 3R)
  • Floor mounting
  • Two- or three-phase fused options for 2400–4800V
  • NEMA 3R terminal box
Application description
  • Large motors
  • Motor control centers
  • Branch circuits
  • Service entrances
Features, benefits and functions
Standard features
  • Enclosure terminal box
    • Fourteen-gauge steel finished with durable baked-on enamel. The wiring enclosure is gasketed to create a weatherproof, dustproof seal. Universal mounting flanges are provided for floor installation. The elimination of knockouts permits indoor/outdoor use. Unit meets NEMA 1, 3R, and 12 requirements. Enclosure is painted ANSI 61 gray.
  • Features
    • Viewing window
    • Top and side entry
    • Removable front cover
  • Fusing
    • Fuses are rated 50,000A symmetrical interrupting capacity. Ratings are 165% to 250% of rated current. Fuses have visual pop-up blown fuse indication standard.
  • Discharge resistors
    • These reduce the residual voltage to less than 50V residual within five minutes of de-energization.
  • Grounding stud
    • Standard
  • Power line terminals
    • Large size for easy connection
    • Plated copper one-hole termination pad
  • Operating temperature
    • –40ºF to 115ºF (–40°C to 46ºC)
  • Optional features
    • CSAT testing and labels
Technical data
Table 1. Univar Three-Phase Ratings