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UNIPUMP Power Factor Correction Capacitors
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Eaton 1043JMR Eaton 1063JMR Eaton 12X43JMR
Eaton 12X63JMR Eaton 1563JMR Eaton 17X63JMR
Eaton 2043JMR Eaton 2063JMR Eaton 223JMR
Eaton 243JMR Eaton 2543JMR Eaton 2X23JMR
Eaton 323JMR Eaton 423JMR Eaton 443JMR
Eaton 523JMR Eaton 543JMR Eaton 563JMR
Eaton 623JMR Eaton 643JMR Eaton 663JMR
Eaton 7X23JMR Eaton 7X43JMR Eaton 7X63JMR
Non-fused capacitors for outdoor irrigation and oil field installations.
  • Designed expressly for outdoor pumping applications.
  • Pole or wall mounting.
  • Small, light-weight enclosure for easy installation.
  • SO-WA type flexible cable facilitates installation (4-conductor).
  • Gland-type weatherproof bushings.
  • Strong outer case.
  • UL and CSA listed.