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Type CH Retrofit Interior Kits
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RACH22B125I - Eaton RACH24L125I - Eaton RACHFRAME - Eaton
RBCH24B150I - Eaton RBCH32L225I - Eaton RBCHFRAME - Eaton
RCCH32B200I - Eaton RCCH32L225I - Eaton RCCHFRAME - Eaton
RDCH42B200I - Eaton RDCH42L225I - Eaton RDCHFRAME - Eaton
Eaton’s unique Retrofit Interior allows the customer to cost-effectively and safely upgrade an electrical service without removing the existing enclosure from the wall.

The Retrofit Interior is designed and tested specifically for renovating an outdated electrical panel in an apartment, a condominium or a single family home. These outdated panels are being recognized by local
inspectors and other authorities as a possible hazard.

Opportunities to Retrofit
  • Single- or three-phase
  • Main lug only or main breaker
  • Up to 42 circuits
  • Up to 225A interiors, 400A available upon request
  • Available with CH breakers (3/4-inch) with copper bus or BR breakers (1-inch) with aluminum bus
  • The minimum lifetime warranty for residential breakers shall be as follows:
  • Limited lifetime warranty on all CH branch breakers and loadcenters
  • Refer to Eaton for complete warranty details
Features and Benefits

Upgrading Existing Electrical Infrastructure Is Simple
  • Replaces vintage brands that have hard to find, expensive replacement breakers
  • Safely upgrade to arc fault and ground fault breakers to meet current electrical codes
  • Maximizes number of circuits available with compact design
  • Eco-friendly in asbestosfilled environments
  • Exclusive design
Save Time and Money Throughout the Installation
  • Uses existing panel box and wires
  • Eliminates expensive and time-consuming drywall/paint repair
  • Saves 2–3 hours of installation time compared to a complete panel changeout
  • Eliminates precise measurements with field adjustable kit