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Double Throw General Duty
Used to transfer service from a normal power source to an alternate source...or to switch from one load circuit to another.

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General duty safety switches are used in residential and commercial applications. They are suitable for light duty motor circuits and service entrance applications. Fusible (plug or cartidge) and non-fusible switches are available.

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Heavy Duty Rotary Disconnect Switches
Heavy duty safety switches are used in commercial, institutional, and industrial applications where reliable performance and service continuity are critical. Rated 30-1200A with a visible double break rotary blade mechanism. All heavy-duty switches are load-break rated.

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Eaton's Open and Enclosed Rotary Switches are a compact, economical, high quality choice for switching and isolation.

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Solar Disconnect Switches Switched Combiner, Source Combiner and Array Combiner Boxes
Eaton’s line of solar disconnects provides the best solution for switching solar photovoltaic (PV) circuits. PV modules directly convert the sun’s light into electricity, providing power during daylight hours.

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Eaton’s Solar Combiner Boxes aggregate the many DC source circuits present in a solar photovoltaic system while providing NEC overcurrent protection requirements. Source combiners are located closer to the source, or the solar panels, and have smaller input fuse holders and lower output currents.

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Safety Switches from Eaton Cutler-Hammer

Eaton's Safety Switches are applied as service entrance and branch circuit protection as well as motor disconnects for safe switching and lock-out, tag-out (LOTO) applications.
  • Used to open or close a circuit
  • Non-fusible safety switches provide a means to manually connect or disconnect the load from the source
  • Fusible safety switches provide a means to manually open and close a circuit and overcurrent protection by means of installed fuses
  • Also commonly referred to as a disconnect switch or disconnect
  • Available from 30 to 1200A