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SPD Series - Sidemount Versions
50 kA per phase 80 kA per phase 100 kA per phase
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120 kA per phase 160 kA per phase 200 kA per phase
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250 kA per phase 300 kA per phase 400 kA per phase
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Eaton sidemount versions of the SPD Series surge protective devices are the latest and most advanced ULT 1449 3rd Edition certified surge protectors. Application of SPD Series units throughout a facility will ensure that equipment is protected with the safest and most reliable surge protective devices available. Units are available in all common voltages and configurations, and also in a variety of surge current capacity ratings from 50 through 400 kA. Three feature package options are also available to choose from.

  • Uses thermally protected metal oxide varistor(MOV) technology
  • 20 kA nominal discharge current (In) rating (maximum rating assigned by UL)
  • 50 through 400 kA surge current capacity ratings
  • Three feature package options
  • Factory-sealed ass
  • embly prevents arc flash and shock hazards
  • Contains no replaceable parts or items that require periodic maintenance
  • Optional internal disconnect available
  • 200 kA short-circuit current rating (SCCR)
  • 10-year warranty (15 years with registration)
The SPD Series makes surge suppression safer than ever
The SPD Series employs safety and design features that make surge protection safer than ever. Unlike many surge protective devices, the SPD Series contains no user-serviceable parts or items that require periodic
maintenance, such as replaceable surge modules, replaceable fuses, surge counter memory backup batteries or wire lugs that require periodic retightening. Sidemount versions of the unit are factory-sealed, meaning no potential contact with harmful voltages present within the unit is possible.

The SPD Series sidemount series has also taken safety to the next level by using thermally protected MOVs as its core surge suppression component. These thermally protected MOVs operate in a safe manner, even when subjected to abnormal conditions, such as temporary overvoltages or high fault current conditions. When one of these conditions exists, the thermally protected MOVs are removed from the circuit quickly and safely before a potentially unsafe condition can occur, with absolutely no discharge of smoke or ionized gases. Using the latest in technology and surge protective device design, the SPD Series provides safe, reliable, worryfree surge protection.