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Type 1
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SLX001A1-4A1B0 Eaton SLX9000 1HP 480V SLXF15A1-4A1B0 Eaton SLX9000 1.5HP SLX002A1-4A1B0 Eaton SLX9000 2HP 480V
SLX003A1-4A1B0 Eaton SLX9000 3HP 480V SLX006A1-4A1B0 Eaton SLX9000 7.5HP SLX007A1-4A1B0 Eaton SLX9000 7.5HP
SLX010A1-4A1B0 Eaton SLX9000 10HP SLX015A1-4A1B0 Eaton SLX9000 15HP SLX020A1-4A1B0 Eaton SLX9000 20HP
SLX9000 General Purpose

Eaton's SLX9000 adjustable frequency drive uses the most sophisticated semiconductor technology and a highly modular construction, ensuring flexibility for many applications. The integral AC choke is the most effective way to protect the drive against voltage spikes and to reduce stress on supply transformers, cables and fuses. In addition, installation, connection and commissioning procedures are quick and convenient.
  • The I/O is designed with modularity in mind. It's comprised of option cards, each with its own input and output configuration, and the control module accepts two of these cards.
  • The SLX9000 features a robust design with 500,000 proven hours MTBR.
  • The drive accommodates standard I/O and an integrated RS-485 Modbus connection with room for two more option cards with more I/O connections.
  • The all-in-one software suits a variety of applications.
  • Control logic can be powered from an external auxiliary 24V power supply that allows programming and monitoring without full power to the drive.