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Rotary Disconnect Switches
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Eaton 200127 Eaton 207426 Eaton 212321
Eaton 212322 Eaton CI-K1-T0-4 Eaton CI-K2-T0-4-NA
Eaton CI-K2-T3-2 Eaton CI-K2-T3-2-NA Eaton CI-K4-T5B-4-NA
Eaton T0-1-102/E Eaton T0-1-102/EA/SVB Eaton T0-1-102/EA/SVB-SW
Eaton T0-1-102/EZ Eaton T0-1-102/I1/SVB Eaton T0-1-102/I1/SVB-SW
Eaton T0-1-102/IVS Eaton T0-1-102/V/SVB Eaton T0-1-102/Z
Eaton T0-1-15366/E Eaton T0-1-15371/E Eaton T0-1-15421/E
Eaton T0-1-15421/I1 Eaton T0-1-15431/E Eaton T0-1-15434/E
Eaton T0-1-15434/EZ Eaton T0-1-15434/Z Eaton T0-1-15451/E
Eaton T0-1-15511/E Eaton T0-1-8200/E Eaton T0-1-8200/EA/SVB
Eaton T0-1-8200/EA/SVB-SW Eaton T0-1-8200/EZ Eaton T0-1-8200/V/SVB
Eaton T0-1-8210/E Eaton T0-2-1/E Eaton T0-2-1/EA/SVB
Eaton T0-2-1/EA/SVB-SW Eaton T0-2-1/EZ Eaton T0-2-1/I1/SVB-SW
Eaton T0-2-1/IVS Eaton T0-2-1/V/SVB Eaton T0-2-1/V/SVB-SW
Eaton T0-2-1/Z Eaton T0-2-113/E Eaton T0-2-15176/E
Eaton T0-2-15176/EZ Eaton T0-2-15403/E Eaton T0-2-15432/E
Eaton T0-2-15432/I1 Eaton T0-2-15442/E Eaton T0-2-15512/EZ
Eaton T0-2-15679/EA/SVB Eaton T0-2-15679/EA/SVB-SW Eaton T0-2-15679/I1/SVB-SW
Eaton T0-2-15679/XZ Eaton T0-2-15907/E Eaton T0-2-15920/E
Eaton T0-2-15922/E Eaton T0-2-8004/E Eaton T0-2-8021/E
Eaton T0-2-8021/EZ Eaton T0-2-8177/E Eaton T0-2-8177/EZ
Eaton T0-2-8177/I1 Eaton T0-2-8211/E Eaton T0-2-8215/EZ
Eaton T0-2-8230/E Eaton T0-2-8230/EZ Eaton T0-2-8231/E
Eaton T0-2-8231/EZ Eaton T0-2-8231/IVS Eaton T0-2-8241/E
Eaton T0-2-8242/EZ Eaton T0-2-8324/E Eaton T0-2-8900/E
Eaton T0-2-8900/EA/SVB Eaton T0-2-8900/EZ Eaton T0-2-8900/I1/SVB
Eaton T0-2-8900/V/SVB Eaton T0-3-136/E Eaton T0-3-15137/E
Eaton T0-3-15391/E Eaton T0-3-15433/E Eaton T0-3-15683/EA/SVB
Eaton T0-3-15683/I1/SVB Eaton T0-3-15683/I1/SVB-SW Eaton T0-3-190/E
Eaton T0-3-2/E Eaton T0-3-8007/E Eaton T0-3-8007/EZ
Eaton T0-3-8048/E Eaton T0-3-8048/EZ Eaton T0-3-8212/E
Eaton T0-3-8212/EZ Eaton T0-3-8212/IVS Eaton T0-3-8216/E
Eaton T0-3-8222/E Eaton T0-3-8228/E Eaton T0-3-8228/I1
Eaton T0-3-8228/Z Eaton T0-3-8232/E Eaton T0-3-8232/EZ
Eaton T0-3-8233/EZ Eaton T0-3-8243/E Eaton T0-3-8244/E
Eaton T0-3-8244/EZ Eaton T0-3-8280/E Eaton T0-3-8341/I1/SVB-SW
Eaton T0-3-8342/E Eaton T0-3-8342/EA/SVB Eaton T0-3-8342/I1/SVB
Eaton T0-3-8342/V/SVB Eaton T0-3-8342/V/SVB-SW Eaton T0-3-8401/E
Eaton T0-3-8401/EZ Eaton T0-3-8401/I1 Eaton T0-3-8401/Z
Eaton T0-3-8451/E Eaton T0-3-8451/I1 Eaton T0-4-11/E
T0-4-11/E Eaton CAM SWITCH
Our Price: $196.88
Eaton T0-4-15132/E Eaton T0-4-153/E Eaton T0-4-15602/EZ
Eaton T0-4-15682/I1/SVB Eaton T0-4-15682/I1/SVB-SW Eaton T0-4-8008/E
Eaton T0-4-8213/E Eaton T0-4-8223/EZ Eaton T0-4-8234/E
Eaton T0-4-8344/E Eaton T0-4-8440/E Eaton T0-4-8441/E
Eaton T0-5-15248/E Eaton T0-5-8270/E Eaton T0-5-8281/E
Eaton T0-5-8453/E Eaton T0-6-15253/E Eaton T0-6-15866/E
Eaton T0-6-8009/E Eaton T0-6-8271/E Eaton T0-6-8282/EZ
Eaton T0-6-8370/EZ Eaton T3-1-102/E Eaton T3-1-102/EA/SVB
Eaton T3-1-102/EA/SVB-SW Eaton T3-1-102/EZ Eaton T3-1-102/I2/SVB
Eaton T3-1-102/V/SVB Eaton T3-1-102/Z Eaton T3-1-8200/E
Eaton T3-1-8200/EZ Eaton T3-1-8200/V/SVB Eaton T3-1-8200/V/SVB-SW
Eaton T3-1-8220/E Eaton T3-1-91/E Eaton T3-2-10/E
T3-1-91/E Eaton CAM SWITCH
Our Price: $144.61
T3-2-10/E Eaton CAM SWITCH
Our Price: $208.21
Eaton T3-2-10/EA/SVB Eaton T3-2-8211/E Eaton T3-2-8211/I2
Eaton T3-2-8215/E Eaton T3-2-8221/E Eaton T3-3-15680/EA/SVB
Eaton T3-3-15683/I2/SVB Eaton T3-3-8212/E Eaton T3-3-8212/I2
Eaton T3-3-8212/Z Eaton T3-3-8222/I2 Eaton T3-3-8342/EA/SVB
Eaton T3-3-8342/V/SVB Eaton T3-3-8401/I2 Eaton T3-4-15682/EA/SVB
Eaton T3-4-15682/I2 Eaton T3-4-15682/I2/SVB Eaton T3-4-15682/I2/SVB-SW
Eaton T3-4-15682/V/SVB Eaton T3-4-8213/E Eaton T3-4-8343/I2/SVB
Eaton T3-4-8344/EA/SVB Eaton T3-4-8344/I2/SVB-NA Eaton T3-4-8344/V/SVB
Eaton T3-4-8344/V/SVB-SW Eaton T3-4-8410/E Eaton T3-4-8440/E
Eaton T3-4-8441/I2 Eaton T3-4-90/E Eaton T3-5-8270/E
T3-4-90/E Eaton CAM SWITCH
Our Price: $360.67
Eaton T3-6-15866/E Eaton T3-6-8370/E Eaton T5-3-8342/V/SVB
Eaton T5-4-15682/I5/SVB-SW Eaton T5A3030U Eaton T5A3040U
Eaton T5B-1-102/I4/SVB Eaton T5B-1-102/V/SVB-SW Eaton T5B-1-8210/I4
Eaton T5B-2-8211/E Eaton T5B-2-8324/EA/SVB Eaton T5B-3-8212/E
Eaton T5B-3-8342/EA/SVB Eaton T5B-3-8342/I4/SVB Eaton T5B-3-8342/I4/SVB-SW
Eaton T5B-3-8342/V/SVB Eaton T5B-3-8401/E Eaton T5B-3-8401/Z
Eaton 092229 Eaton T5B-4-15164/ST/SVB Eaton T5B-4-15164/V/SVB
Eaton T5B-4-15682/I4/SVB Eaton T5B-4-15682/V/SVB-SW Eaton T5B-4-24/E
Eaton T5B-4-3/I4 Eaton T5B-4-8344/EA/SVB Eaton T5B3060U
T5B-4-3/I4 Eaton ROTARY SW
Our Price: $818.90
Eaton T5B3080U Eaton TM-1-8220/EZ Eaton TM-1-8291/E/SVB
Eaton TM-1-8291/E/SVB-SW Eaton TM-2-8231/EZ Eaton TM-2-8550/EZ
Eaton TM-3-8326/E/SVB Eaton ZFS63-T0
Eaton's Open and Enclosed Rotary Switches are a compact, economical, high quality choice for switching and isolation.

Open Rotary Disconnects
Eaton’s Open Rotary Disconnects provide an economical solution for control panels and industrial machinery.

Enclosed Rotary

Enclosed R5 Series Rotary Switches provide users with horsepower-rated switches in enclosures for most motor applications. Handle mechanism offers the ability to lock directly-wired motor loads in the OFF position to comply with OSHA regulations. Also for machine applications that require compact disconnect switches.