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Pringle Bolted Pressure Contact Switches
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Eaton 4299SC Eaton CB0822T110DC6005 Eaton CB0833B120208A9CT
Eaton CB0833B120208ARCT Eaton CB0833B120208AXCT Eaton CB0833B120208CT
Eaton CB0833B120208G Eaton CB0833B120208GAX Eaton CB0833B120208GRAX
Eaton CB0833B120208GRAX5 Eaton CB0833B120208KG Eaton CB0833B120208PAXC
Eaton CB0833B120208R Eaton CB0833B120208RA9 Eaton CB0833B120208RAR
Eaton CB0833B120208RAX Eaton CB0833B120240G Eaton CB0833B120480
Eaton CB0833B1204806 Eaton CB0833B1204807 Eaton CB0833B120480A
Eaton CB0833B120480A9 Eaton CB0833B120480A95 Eaton CB0833B120480A9CT
Eaton CB0833B120480A9CT5 Eaton CB0833B120480A9CT7 Eaton CB0833B120480AX
Eaton CB0833B120480AX5 Eaton CB0833B120480AX6 Eaton CB0833B120480AX7
Eaton CB0833B120480AXCT Eaton CB0833B120480G Eaton CB0833B120480G6
Eaton CB0833B120480GA97 Eaton CB0833B120480GAO Eaton CB0833B120480GAR
Eaton CB0833B120480GAX Eaton CB0833B120480GAX5 Eaton CB0833B120480GAX7
Eaton CB0833B120480GR Eaton CB0833B120480GRA Eaton CB0833B120480GRA9
Eaton CB0833B120480GRAR Eaton CB0833B120480GRAX Eaton CB0833B120480GRAX5
Eaton CB0833B120480GRAX7 Eaton CB0833B120480K Eaton CB0833B120480KAX
Eaton CB0833B120480KAXCT Eaton CB0833B120480KG7 Eaton CB0833B120480KGR5
Eaton CB0833B120480P5C Eaton CB0833B120480PAXC Eaton CB0833B120480PC
Eaton CB0833B120480R Eaton CB0833B120480RA9 Eaton CB0833B120480RAR
Eaton CB0833B120480RAX Eaton CB0833B120480RAXCT7 Eaton CB0833T120208A9CT
Eaton CB0833T120208ARCT Eaton CB0833T120208AXCT Eaton CB0833T120208AXCT5
Eaton CB0833T120208CT Eaton CB0833T120208G Eaton CB0833T120208GR
Eaton CB0833T120208GRAX Eaton CB0833T120208KCT Eaton CB0833T120208KG
Eaton CB0833T120208PAX5C Eaton CB0833T120208PC Eaton CB0833T120208RA9
Eaton CB0833T120208RAR Eaton CB0833T120208RAX Eaton CB0833T120480
Eaton CB0833T1204805 Eaton CB0833T12048056 Eaton CB0833T1204806
Eaton CB0833T1204807 Eaton CB0833T12048076 Eaton CB0833T120480A
Eaton CB0833T120480A9 Eaton CB0833T120480A95 Eaton CB0833T120480A9CT
Eaton CB0833T120480A9CT5 Eaton CB0833T120480A9CT56 Eaton CB0833T120480AR
Eaton CB0833T120480AX Eaton CB0833T120480AX5 Eaton CB0833T120480AX56
Eaton CB0833T120480AX6 Eaton CB0833T120480AX7 Eaton CB0833T120480AXCT
Eaton CB0833T120480AXCT5 Eaton CB0833T120480CT Eaton CB0833T120480G
Eaton CB0833T120480G14 Eaton CB0833T120480G7 Eaton CB0833T120480GAO
Eaton CB0833T120480GAO7 Eaton CB0833T120480GAR Eaton CB0833T120480GAX
Eaton CB0833T120480GAX6 Eaton CB0833T120480GAX7 Eaton CB0833T120480GPAOC
Eaton CB0833T120480GPARC Eaton CB0833T120480GRA Eaton CB0833T120480GRA9
Eaton CB0833T120480GRAO Eaton CB0833T120480GRAR Eaton CB0833T120480GRAX
Eaton CB0833T120480GRAX5 Eaton CB0833T120480GRAX6 Eaton CB0833T120480K
Eaton CB0833T120480K6 Eaton CB0833T120480K7 Eaton CB0833T120480KA9
Eaton CB0833T120480KA97 Eaton CB0833T120480KAX Eaton CB0833T120480KG14
Eaton CB0833T120480KG7 Eaton CB0833T120480KGAX Eaton CB0833T120480KRARCT
Eaton CB0833T120480PAXC Eaton CB0833T120480PC Eaton CB0833T120480R
Eaton CB0833T120480RAR Eaton CB0833T120480RAX Eaton CB1222T110DC6005
Eaton CB1233B120208ARCT Eaton CB1233B120208AXCT Eaton CB1233B120208CT
Eaton CB1233B120208G Eaton CB1233B120208GAX Eaton CB1233B120208GR
Eaton CB1233B120208GRAO7 Eaton CB1233B120208GRAX Eaton CB1233B120208GRAX5
Eaton CB1233B120208KG Eaton CB1233B120208PAC Eaton CB1233B120208PAXC
Eaton CB1233B120208PC Eaton CB1233B120208RA9 Eaton CB1233B120208RARCT
Eaton CB1233B120208RAX Eaton CB1233B120208RCT Eaton CB1233B120240AXCT
Eaton CB1233B120480 Eaton CB1233B1204805 Eaton CB1233B1204806
Eaton CB1233B1204807 Eaton CB1233B120480A Eaton CB1233B120480A9
Eaton CB1233B120480A9CT Eaton CB1233B120480A9CT5 Eaton CB1233B120480AR
Eaton CB1233B120480AX Eaton CB1233B120480AX5 Eaton CB1233B120480AX6
Eaton CB1233B120480AX7 Eaton CB1233B120480AXCT Eaton CB1233B120480G
Eaton CB1233B120480G6 Eaton CB1233B120480G7 Eaton CB1233B120480GA
Eaton CB1233B120480GA9 Eaton CB1233B120480GA95 Eaton CB1233B120480GAO
Eaton CB1233B120480GAR Eaton CB1233B120480GAR5 Eaton CB1233B120480GAX
Eaton CB1233B120480GAX7 Eaton CB1233B120480GPAXC Eaton CB1233B120480GPC
Eaton CB1233B120480GR Eaton CB1233B120480GR7 Eaton CB1233B120480GRA
Eaton CB1233B120480GRA9 Eaton CB1233B120480GRAR Eaton CB1233B120480GRAR7
Eaton CB1233B120480GRAX Eaton CB1233B120480GRAX5 Eaton CB1233B120480GRAX7
Eaton CB1233B120480K Eaton CB1233B120480K5 Eaton CB1233B120480K7
Eaton CB1233B120480KA95 Eaton CB1233B120480KAX Eaton CB1233B120480KG
Eaton CB1233B120480KG7 Eaton CB1233B120480KGR5 Eaton CB1233B120480PAX7C
Eaton CB1233B120480PC Eaton CB1233B120480RA9 Eaton CB1233B120480RARCT
Eaton CB1233B120480RAX Eaton CB1233B120480RCT Eaton CB1233T120208ARCT
Eaton CB1233T120208ARCT7 Eaton CB1233T120208AXCT Eaton CB1233T120208CT
Eaton CB1233T120208G Eaton CB1233T120208GR Eaton CB1233T120208GRAR
Eaton CB1233T120208GRAX Eaton CB1233T120208KCT Eaton CB1233T120208KG
Eaton CB1233T120208PAXC Eaton CB1233T120208PC Eaton CB1233T120208PC6
Eaton CB1233T120208R Eaton CB1233T120208RA9 Eaton CB1233T120208RAR7
Eaton CB1233T120208RARCT Eaton CB1233T120208RAXCT Eaton CB1233T120240AXCT
Eaton CB1233T120480 Eaton CB1233T1204805 Eaton CB1233T12048056
Eaton CB1233T1204806 Eaton CB1233T1204807 Eaton CB1233T120480A
Eaton CB1233T120480A5 Eaton CB1233T120480A9 Eaton CB1233T120480A95
Eaton CB1233T120480A9CT Eaton CB1233T120480A9CT5 Eaton CB1233T120480AR
Eaton CB1233T120480AX Eaton CB1233T120480AX5 Eaton CB1233T120480AX56
Eaton CB1233T120480AX6 Eaton CB1233T120480AX7 Eaton CB1233T120480AXCT
Eaton CB1233T120480AXCT5 Eaton CB1233T120480CT Eaton CB1233T120480G
Eaton CB1233T120480G14 Eaton CB1233T120480G5 Eaton CB1233T120480G6
Eaton CB1233T120480G7 Eaton CB1233T120480GA9 Eaton CB1233T120480GAO
Eaton CB1233T120480GAO7 Eaton CB1233T120480GAR Eaton CB1233T120480GAR7
Eaton CB1233T120480GAX Eaton CB1233T120480GAX5 Eaton CB1233T120480GAX6
Eaton CB1233T120480GAX7 Eaton CB1233T120480GPARC Eaton CB1233T120480GPC
Eaton CB1233T120480GR Eaton CB1233T120480GR5 Eaton CB1233T120480GR7
Eaton CB1233T120480GRA Eaton CB1233T120480GRA9 Eaton CB1233T120480GRA97
Eaton CB1233T120480GRAO Eaton CB1233T120480GRAR Eaton CB1233T120480GRAX
Eaton CB1233T120480GRAX5 Eaton CB1233T120480GRAX6 Eaton CB1233T120480K
Eaton CB1233T120480K5 Eaton CB1233T120480K6 Eaton CB1233T120480K7
Eaton CB1233T120480KA9 Eaton CB1233T120480KA95 Eaton CB1233T120480KA97
Eaton CB1233T120480KAX Eaton CB1233T120480KAX7 Eaton CB1233T120480KG
Eaton CB1233T120480KG14 Eaton CB1233T120480KGAO7 Eaton CB1233T120480KGAX
Eaton CB1233T120480KGRAX Eaton CB1233T120480KPAXC Eaton CB1233T120480KRAR
Eaton CB1233T120480PAX7C Eaton CB1233T120480PAXC Eaton CB1233T120480PC
Eaton CB1233T120480RARCT Eaton CB1233T120480RAX Eaton CB1233T120480RCT
Eaton CB1622T110DC6005 Eaton CB1633B120208A9CT Eaton CB1633B120208ARCT
Eaton CB1633B120208AXCT Eaton CB1633B120208AXCT6 Eaton CB1633B120208CT
Eaton CB1633B120208G Eaton CB1633B120208GAR Eaton CB1633B120208GAX
Eaton CB1633B120208GRA Eaton CB1633B120208GRAR Eaton CB1633B120208GRAX
Eaton CB1633B120208GRAX5 Eaton CB1633B120208KG Eaton CB1633B120208PAXC
Eaton’s Pringle Bolted Pressure Contact Switches are available for switchboard applications, both new and existing. They open and close easily and conduct high current with greater efficiency than knife spring or butt contact devices. Switches are custom-built and used in many heavy-duty applications.
  • Operating mechanism closes the switch blades quickly and actuates a bolting mechanism that applies pressure to both the hinge and jaw contacts, which provides current conducting efficiency equivalent to that of a bolted bus bar.
  • Entire switch bolting mechanism is non-magnetic to ensure that inductive heating cannot occur in any of the switch components, which ensures long-term switch reliability.
  • Ability to padlock in the OPEN position offers increased safety.
  • The paired-washer spring design provides a higher force/distance ratio, making it easier to operate the mechanism.
  • Our dedicated and experienced service team is available to help maintain, upgrade, or install parts to help minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.
  • Eaton's Pringle-Flex, custom design/modification facility, designs and modifies Pringle switches for commercial, industrial, transit and other applications. Products are specially designed for specific customer applications.