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Sag Ride Through
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SRT20450208AA-TC - Eaton SRT20450480AA-TC - Eaton SRT20450600AA-TC - Eaton
SRT20600208AA-TC - Eaton SRT20600480AA - Eaton SRT20600480AA-TC - Eaton
SRT20600600AA - Eaton SRT20600600AA-TC - Eaton SRT20750208AA - Eaton
SRT20750208AA-TC - Eaton SRT20750480AA - Eaton SRT20750480AA-TC - Eaton
SRT20750600AA - Eaton SRT20750600AA-TC - Eaton SRT20900208AA - Eaton
SRT20900208AA-TC - Eaton SRT20900480AA - Eaton SRT20900480AA-TC - Eaton
SRT20900600AA - Eaton SRT20900600AA-TC - Eaton
Protect your plant from costly voltage sags by installing Eaton’s Sag Ride Through (SRT) device. The SRT is the first power conditioner to incorporate new technology that corrects voltage sags and maintains uptime and productivity. It requires no in-depth engineering study to select the appropriate model and no maintenance. Normally, a critical load profile and metering data review for site min/max load sag susceptibility is all that is required to select an SRT model.
  • Typically pays for itself in less than 1 year making it very cost-effective.
  • Continuous sag correction survives multiple sag events without re-charging capacitors for extra time savings.
  • 98% efficiency ensures minimal operating costs.
  • Small design and footprint significantly reduces required floor space.
  • High overload capacity withstands downstream faults or high inrush currents for added safety.
  • Battery free design eliminates costly maintenance and disposal requirements.
  • No minimum load improves operating flexibility for fluctuating loads or processes.
  • Sub-cycle response patented circuit enables extremely fast 2 millisecond response (1/8 cycle).