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Mini-Power Centers
Single-Phase Three-Phase

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Eaton’s all-copper Mini-Power Center incorporates all of the features and benefits included in the industry-proven aluminum model, plus the additional features of a copper-wound transformer with a copper loadcenter chassis that accepts bolt-on feeder breakers. Mini-Power Centers are ideally suited for applications where 120 volts are required at a remote location. Parking lots, workbenches, and temporary power on construction sites are common applications.
  • All live parts are enclosed for personnel safety and equipment protection.
  • Padlockable hinged cover prevents removal of feeder breakers.
  • All interconnecting wiring is performed at the factory, saving on installation costs.
  • NEMA 3R enclosure makes it ideally suited for use in areas that contain dust, moisture, corrosive fumes, metal shavings, and other airborne particles that may cause damage to ventilated transformers.
  • Ground bar is supplied to permit grounding of individual secondary circuits.
  • Wiring compartment includes ample space for conduit entry.
  • Maximum wiring gutter space is provided for ease of wiring.
  • Simplified design includes two keyholes for ease of mounting and leveling.
A mini–power center combines three individual components into one NEMA Type 3R enclosure: a main breaker, an encapsulated single-phase (Type EP) or three-phase (EPT) dry-type transformer, and a secondary distribution loadcenter with main breaker. Interconnecting wiring is completed at the factory. Mini–power centers are used wherever there is a 480 volt or 600 volt distribution system and loads requiring 208Y/120 volt, three-phase or 120/240 volt single-phase. Typical installations include:
  • Industrial plant assembly lines
  • Plant expansions
  • Test equipment
  • Temporary construction site power
  • Sewage disposal plants
  • Warehouses
  • Car washes
  • Parking lots
  • Commercial buildings
Features, Benefits and Functions
  • 60 Hz operation
  • Indoor/outdoor, NEMA 3R
  • Primary main breaker
  • Secondary main breaker (Type BR plug-in and Type BAB bolt-on feeder breakers not included)
  • All live parts enclosed for personnel safety
  • Cover is hinged to prevent removal and can be padlocked
  • Cores are grounded with a copper lead
  • Ground bar is supplied to permit grounding of individual secondary circuits
  • Neutral bar is grounded to case
  • Feeder circuits can be easily added or changed using Type BR plug-in breakers and Type BR plugin and Type BAB bolt-on
  • Suitable for service entrance
  • Wide range of configurations available:
    • Aluminum windings and plug-in loadcenter chassis standard
    • Copper windings and plug-in loadcenter chassis also available
    • Copper windings and bolt-on loadcenter chassis available
  • Short-term overload capability as required by ANSI
  • Meet NEMA ST-20 sound levels