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Meter Products
Commercial Meter Stacks Main Bolted Pressure Contact Switches
Eaton's Commercial Meter Stacks consist of four horizontal cross buses that are mechanically and electrically built to bolt up to mains and residential stacks.

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Eaton’s main bolted pressure contact switches have helped pioneer the development of high-quality electrical products for commercial and industrial applications since 1891.

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Main Circuit Breakers Main Fusible Switches
Eaton's main circuit breakers are part of the main service modules used as service entrance equipment and housed in a rainproof enclosure.

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Eaton’s Main Fusible Switches act as one point of disconnect and overcurrent protection, meeting the NEC requirement that a main disconnect and overcurrent protection device be ahead of the meters when more than six branch circuits are used.

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Meter Packs Residential Meter Stacks
Eaton's Meter Packs are self-contained assemblies and include a utility termination compartment for incoming cables which is integral to the device.

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As with meter packs, modular metering is typically installed at residential apartment complexes, duplexes, triplexes, etc. However, modular metering allows for as many sockets as needed to fit the particular application.

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Metering Accessories
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Eaton’s metering products include meter packs that are easy to mount adjacent to distribution boards and panelboards. They provide flexible sub-metering of loads, thereby helping users not only to monitor their energy usage as an aid to improving energy efficiency, but also to meet the requirements of Part L2 of the Building Regulations. In addition, Eaton also offers popular configurations of its distribution boards as standard assemblies with integral metering facilities.

Metering systems from Eaton save time and money by eliminating the need for bespoke metering solutions that invariably inflate costs and often lead to protracted delivery times. In contrast, Eaton metering products are available off the shelf at very competitive prices via the company’s extensive network of distributors.

Further time and cost savings are made possible because the metering products are supplied with the meters, the associated wiring and, where necessary, current transformers, pre-installed in enclosures. The amount of expensive and time-consuming wiring needed on site is, therefore, reduced to an absolute minimum.

Metering products from Eaton’s Electrical Sector include distribution boards with integral metering as well as separate meter packs for use with Eaton Series G panelboards and Memshield 3 distribution boards. The range includes solutions for both single- and three-phase applications, and options include split metering so that lighting and power loads can be monitored separately.