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NEMA TP-1 Energy-Efficient Transformers
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H29R47F12CUNVLS52 - Eaton H48M28F12CUNVLS52 - Eaton H48M47T55CUEE - Eaton
N38M28T12XCU - Eaton N38M37T22XCU - Eaton N39M28T12XCU - Eaton
N39M28T12XCUNV - Eaton N39M28T49XCU - Eaton N48M28B49CUNV - Eaton
N48M28F30CUNVLS45 - Eaton N48M28F75CUNVSS - Eaton N48M47T55EE - Eaton
NEMA TP-1-2002 compliant energy-efficient transformers are specifically designed to meet the energy efficiency standards set forth in NEMA Standards publication, TP-1- 2002, “Guide for Determining Energy Efficiency for Distribution Transformers.” Surveys have shown that the average loading of low voltage dry-type distribution transformers, over a 24-hour period, is approximately 35%. NEMA TP-1 compliant transformers are optimized to offer maximum efficiency at 35% of nameplate rating.
  • Types DS-3, DT-3
  • Ventilated, NEMA 2 enclosure standard
  • Suitable for indoor applications, outdoors when weathershields are also installed
  • Upright mounting only
  • 220ºC insulation system
  • 150ºC rise standard;
  • 115°C or 80°C rise optional
  • Available in single-phase ratings 15–167 kVA, 600 volts primary (DS-3)
  • Available in three-phase ratings 15–1500 kVA and up to 600 volts primary (DT-3)