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F10 Unitrol
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Eaton FRF1A12 Eaton FRF1B12 Eaton FRF1C12
Eaton FRF1D12 Eaton FRF1E12 Eaton FRF1F12
Eaton FRF1G12 Eaton FRF1H12 Eaton FRF1J12
Eaton FRF1K12 Eaton FRF1L12 Eaton FRF1M12
Eaton FRF1N12 Eaton FRF2AA12 Eaton FRF2AB12
Eaton FRF2AC12 Eaton FRF2AD12 Eaton FRF2AE12
Eaton FRF2AF12 Eaton FRF2AG12 Eaton FRF2AH12
Eaton FRF2AJ12 Eaton FRF2AK12 Eaton FRF2AL12
Eaton FRF2AM12 Eaton FRF2AN18 Eaton FRF2BA12
Eaton FRF2BB12 Eaton FRF2BC12 Eaton FRF2BD12
Eaton FRF2BE12 Eaton FRF2BF12 Eaton FRF2BG12
Eaton FRF2BH12 Eaton FRF2BJ12 Eaton FRF2BK12
Eaton FRF2BL12 Eaton FRF2BM12 Eaton FRF2BN18
Eaton FRF2CA12 Eaton FRF2CB12 Eaton FRF2CC12
Eaton FRF2CD12 Eaton FRF2CE12 Eaton FRF2CF12
Eaton FRF2CG12 Eaton FRF2CH12 Eaton FRF2CJ12
Eaton FRF2CK12 Eaton FRF2CL12 Eaton FRF2CM12
Eaton FRF2CN18 Eaton FRF2DA12 Eaton FRF2DB12
Eaton FRF2DC12 Eaton FRF2DD12 Eaton FRF2DE12
Eaton FRF2DF12 Eaton FRF2DG12 Eaton FRF2DH12
Eaton FRF2DJ12 Eaton FRF2DK12 Eaton FRF2DL12
Eaton FRF2DM18 Eaton FRF2DN18 Eaton FRF2EA12
Eaton FRF2EB12 Eaton FRF2EC12 Eaton FRF2ED12
Eaton FRF2EE12 Eaton FRF2EF12 Eaton FRF2EG12
Eaton FRF2EH12 Eaton FRF2EJ12 Eaton FRF2EK12
Eaton FRF2EL12 Eaton FRF2EM18 Eaton FRF2EN18
Eaton FRF2FA12 Eaton FRF2FB12 Eaton FRF2FC12
Eaton FRF2FD12 Eaton FRF2FE12 Eaton FRF2FF12
Eaton FRF2FG12 Eaton FRF2FH12 Eaton FRF2FJ12
Eaton FRF2FK12 Eaton FRF2FL12 Eaton FRF2FM18
Eaton FRF2FN18 Eaton FRF2GA12 Eaton FRF2GB12
Eaton FRF2GC12 Eaton FRF2GD12 Eaton FRF2GE12
Eaton FRF2GF12 Eaton FRF2GG12 Eaton FRF2GH12
Eaton FRF2GJ12 Eaton FRF2GK12 Eaton FRF2GL18
Eaton FRF2GM18 Eaton FRF2GN18 Eaton FRF2HA12
Eaton FRF2HB12 Eaton FRF2HC12 Eaton FRF2HD12
Eaton FRF2HE12 Eaton FRF2HF12 Eaton FRF2HG12
Eaton FRF2HH12 Eaton FRF2HJ12 Eaton FRF2HK18
Eaton FRF2HL18 Eaton FRF2HM18 Eaton FRF2HN18
Eaton FRF2JA12 Eaton FRF2JB12 Eaton FRF2JC12
Eaton FRF2JD12 Eaton FRF2JE12 Eaton FRF2JF12
Eaton FRF2JG12 Eaton FRF2JH12 Eaton FRF2JJ18
Eaton FRF2JK18 Eaton FRF2JL18 Eaton FRF2JM18
Eaton FRF2JN18 Eaton FRF2KA12 Eaton FRF2KB12
Eaton FRF2KC12 Eaton FRF2KD12 Eaton FRF2KE12
Eaton FRF2KF12 Eaton FRF2KG12 Eaton FRF2KH18
Eaton FRF2KJ18 Eaton FRF2KK18 Eaton FRF2KL18
Eaton FRF2KM18 Eaton FRF2KN18 Eaton FRF2LA12
Eaton FRF2LB12 Eaton FRF2LC12 Eaton FRF2LD12
Eaton FRF2LE12 Eaton FRF2LF12 Eaton FRF2LG18
Eaton FRF2LH18 Eaton FRF2LJ18 Eaton FRF2LK18
Eaton FRF2LL18 Eaton FRF2LM18 Eaton FRF2LN18
Eaton FRF2MA12 Eaton FRF2MB12 Eaton FRF2MC12
Eaton FRF2MD18 Eaton FRF2ME18 Eaton FRF2MF18
Eaton FRF2MG18 Eaton FRF2MH18 Eaton FRF2MJ18
Eaton FRF2MK18 Eaton FRF2ML18 Eaton FRF2MM18
Eaton FRF2MN18 Eaton FRF2NA18 Eaton FRF2NB18
Eaton FRF2NC18 Eaton FRF2ND18 Eaton FRF2NE18
Eaton FRF2NF18 Eaton FRF2NG18 Eaton FRF2NH18
Eaton FRF2NJ18 Eaton FRF2NK18 Eaton FRF2NL18
Eaton FRF2NM18 Eaton FRF2NN18 Eaton FRJ1L18
Eaton FRJ1M18 Eaton FRJ1N18 Eaton FRJ1P18
Eaton FRJ1Q18 Eaton FRJ1R18 Eaton FRJ1S18
Eaton FRK1L24 Eaton FRK1M24 Eaton FRK1N24
Eaton FRK1P24 Eaton FRK1Q24 Eaton FRK1R24
Eaton FRK1S24 Eaton FRK1T24 Eaton FRK1W24
Eaton FRK1X24
Each Feeder Unit consists of a singlemounted 3-pole molded case circuit breaker or fusible switch (dual mounted are also available). Each unit includes a new wrapper, stab assembly, door, handle mechanism and customer specific disconnect device. They are shipped assembled and ready to install into the existing motor control center.