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Series G
EG-Frame JG-Frame
The EG-Frame circuit breakers are HACR rated.

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The JG-Frame circuit breakers are HACR rated.

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LG-Frame Series G Accessories
The LG-Frame circuit breakers are HACR rated.

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Series G Accessories

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Molded Case Circuit Breakers - Series G

Eaton’s Electrical Sector, under the Eaton brand, offers the widest variety of molded case circuit breakers available today. Designed for electrical and machinery OEMs serving a range of industries and applications, these proven designs incorporate the latest in innovation with the high reliability that has been our hallmark since the advent of the circuit breaker in the 1920s.

The new Series G line features an average 35% size reduction, common field-installable internal accessories, and advanced trip unit functionality that eliminates the need for rating plugs. These breakers meet the requirements of UL®, CSA®, IEC, CCC and CE, allowing the OEM to standardize on a design that meets the needs of their global customer base.

Series G, 15–2500 Amperes for UL, CSA and IEC Applications

Eaton Series G molded case circuit breakers provide increased performance in considerably less space than standard circuit breakers or comparable fusible devices. The “G” signifies global applications: Series G circuit breakers are marked with UL, CSA, CE, IEC and KEMA KEUR listings.

Other advantages include:
  • Field-fit accessories
  • Common accessories through 630 amperes
  • Electronic trip units from 20 to 2500 amperes
  • UL-listed and IEC-rated, 30 mA ground fault/earth leakage modules
  • Built-in ground fault protection down to 20 amperes

The EG, JG and LG frames are designed around space-saving footprints. The NG and RG use the proven Eaton Series C ND and RD designs.

The Series G family includes five frame sizes in ratings from 15 to 2500 amperes. Series G offers a choice of several interrupting capacities up to 200 kA at 480 volts AC (200 kA at 240 volts AC).

Series G molded case circuit breakers are also available in direct current options.

Standard calibration is 40°C. For applications in high ambient temperature conditions, 50°C factory calibration is available on thermal-magnetic breakers (not UL).

The Most Logically Designed Contact Assembly
The flexibility and outstanding performance characteristics of Eaton circuit breakers are made possible by the best contact designs in circuit breaker history. Our technology creates a high-speed “blow-open” action using the electromechanical forces produced by high-level fault currents.

Eaton circuit breakers are operated by a toggle-type mechanism that is mechanically trip-free from the handle so that the contacts cannot be held closed against short circuit currents. Tripping due to overload or short circuits is clearly indicated by the position on the handle. This remarkably fast and dependable contact action is designed to enhance safety.

Thorough In-Plant Testing

The quality, dependability and reliability of every Eaton Circuit Breaker is ensured by a thorough program of in-plant testing. Two calibration tests are conducted on every pole of every circuit breaker to verify the trip mechanism, operating mechanism, continuity and accuracy.

Current Limiting Characteristics

Circuit breakers are current limiting because of their high repulsion contact arrangement and use of state-of-the-art arc extinguishing technology.

Eaton offers one of the most complete lines of current limiting breakers in the industry. The industrial breakers are available in current limiting versions with interrupting capacities up to 200 kA at 480V without fuses in the same physical size as standard and high interrupting capacity breakers.