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Mining Circuit Breakers
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Eaton 83E9611 Eaton E2F003AM Eaton E2F007CM
Eaton E2F007CMS22 Eaton E2F007CMU62 Eaton E2F015EM
Eaton E2F015EMA02 Eaton E2F015EMA02U62 Eaton E2F015EMU14
Eaton E2F015EMU62 Eaton E2F030EM Eaton E2F030EMA02
Eaton E2F030EMA02U62 Eaton E2F030EMA06U14 Eaton E2F030EMU14
Eaton E2F030EMU62 Eaton E2F030EMU82 Eaton E2F030HM
Eaton E2F030HMS05 Eaton E2F030HMU62 Eaton E2F030HMU66
Eaton E2F050KM Eaton E2F050KMA02 Eaton E2F050KMA02U62
Eaton E2F050KMS22 Eaton E2F050KMU37 Eaton E2F050KMU62
Eaton E2F050YM Eaton E2F050YMA02 Eaton E2F050YMA02U62
Eaton E2F050YMS06 Eaton E2F050YMU14 Eaton E2F070MM
Eaton E2F070MMU62 Eaton E2F100KM Eaton E2F100KMA02S22
Eaton E2F100KMA02U62 Eaton E2F100KMS22 Eaton E2F100KMU14
Eaton E2F100KMU62 Eaton E2F100RM Eaton E2F100RMA02U62
Eaton E2F100RMU62 Eaton E2F150TM Eaton E2F150TMA02U62
Eaton E2F150TMS22 Eaton E2F150TMU62 Eaton E2F150TMU86
Eaton E2F150UM Eaton E2F3015 Eaton E2F3015A01
Eaton E2F3015LA02 Eaton E2F3015U62 Eaton E2F3020
Eaton E2F3020U62 Eaton E2F3025 Eaton E2F3030
Eaton E2F3030S22 Eaton E2F3030U62 Eaton E2F3035
Eaton E2F3040 Eaton E2F3040U62 Eaton E2F3050
Eaton E2F3050U62 Eaton E2F3060 Eaton E2F3060U62
Eaton E2F3070 Eaton E2F3070S22 Eaton E2F3070U62
Eaton E2F3080 Eaton E2F3080S22 Eaton E2F3090
Eaton E2F3100 Eaton E2F3100A02S22 Eaton E2F3100M04U62
Eaton E2F3100S22 Eaton E2F3100U62 Eaton E2F3125
Eaton E2F3150 Eaton E2F3150LM04U62 Eaton E2F3150S22
Eaton E2F3150U62 Eaton E2FM050KM Eaton E2FM050KMA02S22
Eaton E2FM050KMLU62 Eaton E2FM050YM Eaton E2FM050YMA02
Eaton E2FM050YMA02U62 Eaton E2FM050YMA06U14 Eaton E2FM050YMU62
Eaton E2FM070MM Eaton E2FM100KM Eaton E2FM100KMA02H11
Eaton E2FM100KMA13H11 Eaton E2FM100KMU14 Eaton E2FM100KMU62
Eaton E2FM100RM Eaton E2FM100RMA01 Eaton E2FM100RMA02
Eaton E2FM100RMA05D11S09 Eaton E2FM100RMA06S06 Eaton E2FM150TM
Eaton E2FM150TMA02 Eaton E2FM150TMA08 Eaton E2FM150TMU62
Eaton E2FM150UM Eaton E2FM3016 Eaton E2FM3016A04
Eaton E2FM3020 Eaton E2FM3020B04 Eaton E2FM3025
Eaton E2FM3032 Eaton E2FM3040 Eaton E2FM3040A04
Eaton E2FM3040S09 Eaton E2FM3040U33 Eaton E2FM3050
Eaton E2FM3050U65 Eaton E2FM3060 Eaton E2FM3063
Eaton E2FM3070 Eaton E2FM3080 Eaton E2FM3080A04
Eaton E2FM3080B04 Eaton E2FM3090S09 Eaton E2FM3100
Eaton E2FM3100A02 Eaton E2FM3100B04 Eaton E2FM3100B04U68
Eaton E2FM3100S22 Eaton E2FM3125 Eaton E2FM3150
Eaton E2FM3150B04U68 Eaton E2FM3160 Eaton E2J3070T
Eaton E2J3090T Eaton E2J3100 Eaton E2J3100T
Eaton E2J3100W Eaton E2J3125T Eaton E2J3125WU17
Eaton E2J3150 Eaton E2J3150T Eaton E2J3150W
Eaton E2J3150WM01 Eaton E2J3150WS10 Eaton E2J3150WU18
Eaton E2J3175T Eaton E2J3175WA06U18 Eaton E2J3175WM01
Eaton E2J3175WU18 Eaton E2J3200 Eaton E2J3200T
Eaton E2J3200W Eaton E2J3200WA06 Eaton E2J3200WA06U18
Eaton E2J3200WU18 Eaton E2J3225 Eaton E2J3225AW
Eaton E2J3225AWA06U18 Eaton E2J3225AWU17 Eaton E2J3225AWU50
Eaton E2J3225DWA06U18 Eaton E2J3225DWS10 Eaton E2J3225DWU17
Eaton E2J3225DWU18 Eaton E2J3225T Eaton E2J3225TA
Eaton E2J3225TD Eaton E2J3225W Eaton E2J3225WS10
Eaton E2J3225WU17 Eaton E2J3225WU18 Eaton E2J3250
Eaton E2J3250MAW Eaton E2J3250MAWD01 Eaton E2J3250MDW
Eaton E2J3250MDWU18 Eaton E2J3250MGWT29 Eaton E2J3250MJW
Eaton E2J3250MKWU18 Eaton E2J3250MW Eaton E2J3250T
Eaton E2J3250TM Eaton E2J3250TMA Eaton E2J3250TMC
Eaton E2J3250TMD Eaton E2J3250TMG Eaton E2J3250TMJ
Eaton E2J3250TMK Eaton E2J3250TML Eaton E2J3250WU17
Eaton E2J3250WU18 Eaton E2JM3070W Eaton E2JM3090W
Eaton E2JM3150WA06U18 Eaton E2JM3175U24 Eaton E2JM3175WU18
Eaton E2JM3175WU24 Eaton E2JM3200A14B04 Eaton E2JM3200WB04
Eaton E2JM3200WB04U56 Eaton E2JM3225AW Eaton E2JM3225AWU18
Eaton E2JM3225DWU18 Eaton E2JM3250A02 Eaton E2JM3250C
Eaton E2JM3250MAW Eaton E2JM3250MAWA01D01S30 Eaton E2JM3250MAWA02D01
Eaton E2JM3250MAWD01 Eaton E2JM3250MDW Eaton E2JM3250MDWA06
Eaton E2JM3250MDWA06U18 Eaton E2JM3250MDWD01S30 Eaton E2JM3250MDWS42
Eaton E2JM3250MFW Eaton E2JM3250MFWA01D02S30 Eaton E2JM3250MFWD01
Eaton E2JM3250MGWA06 Eaton E2JM3250MJC Eaton E2JM3250MJWA02D01
Eaton E2JM3250MJWD01 Eaton E2JM3250MKWS09 Eaton E2JM3250MLA02D01
Eaton E2JM3250MLWA06U18 Eaton E2JM3250W Eaton E2K2400MWA06D09S10
Eaton E2K2400MWD09 Eaton E2K2400MWD09S10 Eaton E2K2400MWW
Eaton E2K2400MWWA06S10 Eaton E2K2400MWWS10 Eaton E2K2400MWWT14
Eaton E2K2400TMW Eaton E2K3100T Eaton E2K3125T
Eaton E2K3150T Eaton E2K3150W Eaton E2K3175T
Eaton E2K3200T Eaton E2K3225AW Eaton E2K3225AWU66
Eaton E2K3225DWU66 Eaton E2K3225T Eaton E2K3225TA
Eaton E2K3225TD Eaton E2K3225WA06U66 Eaton E2K3250T
Eaton E2K3250WA06U66 Eaton E2K3250WU17 Eaton E2K3300T
Eaton E2K3300W Eaton E2K3300WS10 Eaton E2K3350T
Eaton E2K3350W Eaton E2K3400 Eaton E2K3400MAW
Eaton E2K3400MDW Eaton E2K3400MDWU66 Eaton E2K3400MFWU65
Eaton E2K3400MGWA06U66 Eaton E2K3400MGWS10 Eaton E2K3400MGWU49
Eaton E2K3400MGWU66 Eaton E2K3400MJWA06T14 Eaton E2K3400MJWA06U66
Eaton E2K3400MKS10 Eaton E2K3400MKS54 Eaton E2K3400MKWS10
Eaton E2K3400MKWS54 Eaton E2K3400MNW Eaton E2K3400MNWA02D11S29
Eaton E2K3400MNWA06 Eaton E2K3400MNWU66 Eaton E2K3400MWW
Eaton E2K3400MWWU66 Eaton E2K3400T Eaton E2K3400TM
Eaton E2K3400TMA Eaton E2K3400TMD Eaton E2K3400TMG
Eaton E2K3400TMJ Eaton E2K3400TMK Eaton E2K3400TML
Eaton E2K3400TMN Eaton E2K3400TMR Eaton E2K3400TMW
Eaton E2K3400W Eaton E2K3400WA06 Eaton E2K3400WU66
Eaton E2KE3100WU66 Eaton E2KE3150MWA06U66 Eaton E2KE3150MWA13U66
Eaton E2KE3150MWU66 Eaton E2KE3150WA06U66 Eaton E2KE3150WU66
Eaton E2KE3200WA06U66 Eaton E2KE32252WU66 Eaton E2KE3225M2W
Offering high quality products and services that create a safer work environment, Eaton has been the undisputed leader in electric power distribution to the mining industry for 40 years. Breakers are available in 7 frame sizes up to 2000A and 1000 VAC. Service centers in West Virginia and Indiana support service needs for all frames of Eaton's mining duty breakers.
  • Extensive field testing in harsh environments as well as tough design ensure highest quality and dependability.
  • Protects all sizes of trailing cable defined by MSHA with just two frames and three trip units, minimizing panel design time and reducing inventory requirements.
  • All trip units and accessories can be field installed, providing on-site customization capabilities and easy replacement.
  • Built-in test port makes it convenient to field test electronic breakers using an optional hand-held test kit.
  • Eaton Authorized Breaker Service options extend the life of your breakers with cleaning, testing, calibrating, handle or cover replacement, and more, bringing your circuit breakers to factory restored standard.
State-of-the-art E2 mining service breakers incorporate the rigid specifications and testing procedures developed by a focus group led by engineers from several large coal companies and Eaton design engineers. Additionally, the performance of these breakers was proven and verified during hundreds of hours of field testing in harsh mine environments.

E2 mining breakers are available in 600 Vac and l000Y/577 Vac. Interchangeable trip units can be used on either 600 or 1000 Vac frames. The E2 mining breaker family is designed especially for trailing cable application per MSHA 30 CFR 75. Field interchangeable electronic rms sensing trip units are available from 150 to 2000 amperes with instantaneous pickup settings conforming to the code of Federal Regulations 30 CFR 75.601-2. Electromechanical trip units are also available with a wide range of magnetic pickup ranges.

E2 electronic trip units are the first to provide the mining industry with true rms sensing, made possible by the custom ASIC microprocessor in each electronic trip unit. E2 breakers are designed to be physically and electrically interchangeable with Classic Mining Service Breakers and supersede Series C® Mining Service Breakers.