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Marine Duty Transformers
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MV48M28F55CUEE - Eaton
Eaton's Marine Duty Transformers are specially designed for on-board installation in steel vessels, below deck in electrical or mechanical rooms where the ambient temperature is greater than normal. They are especially designed for operation in 50°C ambient locations, with a standard temperature rise of 115°C. Marine duty rated transformers are available in single- and three-phase ratings, and are manufactured with standard copper windings.

The basic purpose of a transformer is voltage transformation as near as practically possible to the load for economy and distribution of power. Typical loads for dry-type distribution transformers include lighting, heating, air conditioners, fans and machine tools. Such loads are found in commercial, institutional, industrial and residential structures.

Features, Benefits and Functions

  • Meets ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) specification
  • ABS Type Approval Certificate Number 04-TP517621-X
  • 60 Hz operation
  • 115°C temperature rise standard
  • Copper windings standard
  • Short-term overload capability as required by ANSI
  • Meet NEMA ST-20 sound levels
Types EP, EPT
  • Encapsulated design
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications
  • Totally enclosed, nonventilated enclosures
  • Enclosures are NEMA 3R rated
  • Mountable in any position indoors and upright-only outdoors
  • 180ºC insulation system
  • 115ºC rise standard; 80°C rise optional
  • Copper windings standard
  • Available in singlephase ratings through 37.5 kVA (EP)
  • Available in threephase ratings through 75 kVA (EPT)
Types DS-3, DT-3
  • Ventilated, NEMA 2 enclosure standard
  • Suitable for indoor applications; outdoors when weathershields are also installed
  • Upright mounting only
  • 220ºC insulation system
  • 115ºC rise standard; 150°C or 80°C rise optional
  • Copper windings standard
  • Available in single-phase ratings 15–167 kVA and up to 4160 volts primary (DS-3)
  • Available in three-phase ratings 15–1500 kVA and up to 4160 volts primary (DT-3)