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Main Bolted Pressure Contact Switches
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1BPS1200RB - Eaton 1BPS1200RT - Eaton 223-D - Eaton
3BPS1200RB - Eaton 3BPS1200RBST - Eaton 3BPS1200RT - Eaton
3BPS1600RB - Eaton 3BPS1600RBST - Eaton 3BPS1600RT - Eaton
3BPS2000RBST - Eaton 3BPS2000RT - Eaton 3BPS2000RTST - Eaton
Eaton’s main bolted pressure contact switches have helped pioneer the development of high-quality electrical products for commercial and industrial applications since 1891. Eaton's bolted contact switch was the first in the industry and is a standard in high-current switching applications. They are custom-built, are used in many heavy-duty applications and are suitable for use in UL 891 switchboards.

Why Eaton's bolted pressure contact switches work better:
  • Conducts high current with greater efficiency than knife spring or butt contact devices
  • The bolted contact switch opens and closes easily
  • The operating mechanism closes the switch blades quickly and actuates a bolting mechanism that applies pressure to both the hinge and the jaw contacts, providing current-conducting efficiency equivalent to that of a bolted busbar
  • The entire switch bolting mechanism is non-magnetic to ensure that inductive heating can not occur in any of the switch components, which ensures long-term switch reliability