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Low Voltage Busway
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Eaton P3BDK3250 Eaton P3BDK3250G Eaton P3BDK3250GN
Eaton P3BDK3300GN Eaton P3BDK3350GN Eaton P3BDK3350N
Eaton P3BDK3400 Eaton P3BDK3400G Eaton P3BDK3400GN
Eaton P3BDK3400N Eaton P3BED3030N Eaton P3BED3100GN
Eaton P3BED3100GNSP Eaton P3BED3100N Eaton P3BED3125GN
Eaton P3BED3150N Eaton P3BED3175 Eaton P3BED3175G
Eaton P3BED3175GN Eaton P3BED3175N Eaton P3BED3200GN
Eaton P3BED3200GNSP Eaton P3BED3200N Eaton P3BED3225GN
Eaton P3BED3225N Eaton P3BEDH3100GN Eaton P3BEDH3200GN
Eaton P3BEDH3200NSP Eaton P3BEDH3225N Eaton P3BEHD3015N
Eaton P3BEHD3020 Eaton P3BEHD3020N Eaton P3BEHD3025
Eaton P3BEHD3025G Eaton P3BEHD3025GN Eaton P3BEHD3025N
Eaton P3BEHD3030 Eaton P3BEHD3030N Eaton P3BEHD3040
Eaton P3BEHD3050 Eaton P3BEHD3050G Eaton P3BEHD3050GN
Eaton P3BEHD3050N Eaton P3BEHD3060 Eaton P3BEHD3060GN
Eaton P3BEHD3060N Eaton P3BEHD3070N Eaton P3BEHD3080
Eaton P3BEHD3100 Eaton P3BEHD3100N Eaton P3BFD3015
Eaton P3BFD3015G Eaton P3BFD3015GN Eaton P3BFD3015N
Eaton P3BFD3015NSP Eaton P3BFD3020 Eaton P3BFD3020N
Eaton P3BFD3020NSP Eaton P3BFD3025G Eaton P3BFD3025GN
Eaton P3BFD3025NSP Eaton P3BFD3030 Eaton P3BFD3030G
Eaton P3BFD3030GN Eaton P3BFD3030N Eaton P3BFD3030NSP
Eaton P3BFD3035 Eaton P3BFD3035G Eaton P3BFD3035GN
Eaton P3BFD3035N Eaton P3BFD3035NSP Eaton P3BFD3040
Eaton P3BFD3040G Eaton P3BFD3040GN Eaton P3BFD3040N
Eaton P3BFD3040NSP Eaton P3BFD3045 Eaton P3BFD3045G
Eaton P3BFD3045GN Eaton P3BFD3045N Eaton P3BFD3050
Eaton P3BFD3050G Eaton P3BFD3050GN Eaton P3BFD3050N
Eaton P3BFD3050NSP Eaton P3BFD3060 Eaton P3BFD3060G
Eaton P3BFD3060GN Eaton P3BFD3060N Eaton P3BFD3060NSP
Eaton P3BFD3060SP Eaton P3BFD3070 Eaton P3BFD3070GN
Eaton P3BFD3070N Eaton P3BFD3070NSP Eaton P3BFD3080
Eaton P3BFD3080G Eaton P3BFD3080GN Eaton P3BFD3080N
Eaton P3BFD3080NSP Eaton P3BFD3090 Eaton P3BFD3090G
Eaton P3BFD3090GN Eaton P3BFD3090N Eaton P3BFD3100
Eaton P3BFD3100G Eaton P3BFD3100GN Eaton P3BFD3100N
Eaton P3BFD3100NSP Eaton P3BFD3110GN Eaton P3BFD3110SP
Eaton P3BFD3125 Eaton P3BFD3125G Eaton P3BFD3125GN
Eaton P3BFD3125N Eaton P3BFD3125NSP Eaton P3BFD3150
Eaton P3BFD3150G Eaton P3BFD3150GN Eaton P3BFD3150N
Eaton P3BFD3150NSP Eaton P3BFD3175 Eaton P3BFD3175G
Eaton P3BFD3175GN Eaton P3BFD3175N Eaton P3BFD3175NSP
Eaton P3BFD3200 Eaton P3BFD3200G Eaton P3BFD3200GN
Eaton P3BFD3200N Eaton P3BFD3200NSP Eaton P3BFD3225
Eaton P3BFD3225G Eaton P3BFD3225GN Eaton P3BFD3225N
Eaton P3BFD3225NSP Eaton P3BFD3225SP Eaton P3BFDB3020
Eaton P3BFDB3020GN Eaton P3BFDB3020N Eaton P3BFDB3025
Eaton P3BFDB3025G Eaton P3BFDB3025GN Eaton P3BFDB3025N
Eaton P3BFDB3030 Eaton P3BFDB3030N Eaton P3BFDB3040
Eaton P3BFDB3040G Eaton P3BFDB3040GN Eaton P3BFDB3040N
Eaton P3BFDB3050 Eaton P3BFDB3060 Eaton P3BFDB3060G
Eaton P3BFDB3060GN Eaton P3BFDB3060N Eaton P3BFDB3070
Eaton P3BFDB3070G Eaton P3BFDB3070GN Eaton P3BFDB3070N
Eaton P3BFDB3080 Eaton P3BFDB3080N Eaton P3BFDB3090
Eaton P3BFDB3090G Eaton P3BFDB3090GN Eaton P3BFDB3090N
Eaton P3BFDB3100 Eaton P3BFDB3100GN Eaton P3BFDB3100N
Eaton P3BFDB3150 Eaton P3BFDC3030GSP Eaton P3BFDC3040GSP
Eaton P3BFDC3040N Eaton P3BFDC3050 Eaton P3BFDC3050G
Eaton P3BFDC3050GN Eaton P3BFDC3050N Eaton P3BFDC3060
Eaton P3BFDC3060GN Eaton P3BFDC3060GSP Eaton P3BFDC3060N
Eaton P3BFDC3070 Eaton P3BFDC3070G Eaton P3BFDC3070GN
Eaton P3BFDC3080N Eaton P3BFDC3090 Eaton P3BFDC3090G
Eaton P3BFDC3090GN Eaton P3BFDC3090GSP Eaton P3BFDC3090N
Eaton P3BFDC3100 Eaton P3BFDC3100GN Eaton P3BFDC3100N
Eaton P3BFDC3100NSP Eaton P3BFDC3125 Eaton P3BFDC3125G
Eaton P3BFDC3125GN Eaton P3BFDC3125GSP Eaton P3BFDC3125N
Eaton P3BFDC3150 Eaton P3BFDC3150G Eaton P3BFDC3150GN
Eaton P3BFDC3150GNSP Eaton P3BFDC3150GSP Eaton P3BFDC3150N
Eaton P3BFDC3175GN Eaton P3BFDC3175N Eaton P3BFDC3200
Eaton P3BFDC3200G Eaton P3BFDC3200GN Eaton P3BFDC3200GNSP
Eaton P3BFDC3200GSP Eaton P3BFDC3200NSP Eaton P3BFDC3225
Eaton P3BFDC3225G Eaton P3BFDC3225GN Eaton P3BFDC3225N
Eaton P3BFDSP Eaton P3BFW3070GN Eaton P3BFWF3025GN
Eaton P3BFWF3032GN Eaton P3BFWF3032VGN Eaton P3BFWF3040GN
Eaton P3BFWF3040VGN Eaton P3BFWF3050GN Eaton P3BFWF3050VGN
Eaton P3BFWF3063GN Eaton P3BFWF3063GNSP Eaton P3BFWF3063VGN
Eaton P3BFWF3070GN Eaton P3BFWF3080GN Eaton P3BFWF3080GNSP
Eaton P3BFWF3080VGN Eaton P3BFWF3100GN Eaton P3BFWF3100GNSP
Eaton P3BFWF3100VGN Eaton P3BFWF3125GN Eaton P3BFWF3125VGN
Eaton P3BFWF3160GN Eaton P3BFWF3160VGN Eaton P3BFWF3175GN
Eaton P3BFWF3175VGN Eaton P3BFWF3200GN Eaton P3BFWF3200GNSP
Eaton P3BFWF3200VGN Eaton P3BFWF3225GN Eaton P3BFWF3225VGN
Eaton P3BHFD3015 Eaton P3BHFD3015GN Eaton P3BHFD3015NSP
Eaton P3BHFD3020 Eaton P3BHFD3020G Eaton P3BHFD3020GN
Eaton P3BHFD3020N Eaton P3BHFD3020NSP Eaton P3BHFD3025
Eaton P3BHFD3025G Eaton P3BHFD3025GN Eaton P3BHFD3025N
Eaton P3BHFD3030 Eaton P3BHFD3030G Eaton P3BHFD3030GN
Eaton P3BHFD3030N Eaton P3BHFD3035SP Eaton P3BHFD3040
Eaton P3BHFD3040G Eaton P3BHFD3040GN Eaton P3BHFD3045GSP
Eaton P3BHFD3045SP Eaton P3BHFD3050 Eaton P3BHFD3050G
Eaton P3BHFD3050GN Eaton P3BHFD3050N Eaton P3BHFD3060
Eaton P3BHFD3060G Eaton P3BHFD3060GN Eaton P3BHFD3060GNSP
Eaton P3BHFD3060N Eaton P3BHFD3060NSP Eaton P3BHFD3070
Eaton P3BHFD3070GN Eaton P3BHFD3070GSP Eaton P3BHFD3070N
Eaton P3BHFD3080 Eaton P3BHFD3080GN Eaton P3BHFD3080N
Eaton P3BHFD3090 Eaton P3BHFD3090G Eaton P3BHFD3090GSP
Eaton P3BHFD3090N Eaton P3BHFD3100 Eaton P3BHFD3100GN
Eaton P3BHFD3100GNSP Eaton P3BHFD3100N Eaton P3BHFD3100NSP
Eaton P3BHFD3110GN Eaton P3BHFD3110SP Eaton P3BHFD3125G
Eaton P3BHFD3125GN Eaton P3BHFD3125N Eaton P3BHFD3150
The Pow-R-Way III design is the preferred means of connecting electrical equipment to maximize busway performance in power distribution systems and can be used over a range of industrial, commercial, and institutional applications worldwide. Improved coordination and heat dissipation as well as elimination of the "chimney effect," it offers the best electrical efficiencies, cost-saving characteristics, and highest 6-cycle short circuit withstand ratings in the industry.
  • All bus plugs are polarized to prevent improper installation.
  • Lightweight and compact design provides for easy installation.
  • Housing is combined with a true sandwich design in both plug-in and feeder busway, contributing to improved coordination and high short-circuit ratings.
  • Epoxy insulation process ensures optimum conductor and system protection.
  • The compact design of corner joint allows for layouts that provide optimum utilization of space and can be installed in areas where traditional 90-degree elbows cannot.
  • Only having one or two conductors per phase and the Pow-R-Bridge joint design makes the voltage drop much lower than that associated with cable, allowing a more efficient use of energy.