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6-Pole Motor Circuit
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DH662UDK - Eaton DH662UWK - Eaton DH663FDK - Eaton
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DH665FWK - Eaton DH665UDK - Eaton DH665UWK - Eaton
DH666FDK - Eaton DH666UDK - Eaton DH666UWK - Eaton
Eaton's 6-pole Motor Circuit Heavy Duty Safety Switch is a compact safety switch ideal for use in heavy industry when a disconnecting means is required for two-speed motors that are remote from their motor control devices. Available 30A to 200A, fusible or non-fusible.
  • Trunk-type latches keep the cover tightly closed and a neoprene gasket seals out moisture and dust from the switch assembly.
  • Visible double break rotary blade mechanism offers two points of contact for a positive open and close, easier operation, and to help prevent contact burning for longer contact life.
  • Triple padlocking capability increases personnel safety: the large hasp can accommodate up to three 3/8-inch (9.5 mm) shank locks and the cabinet door can be further padlocked at the top and bottom.
  • Interlocking mechanism keeps the door closed when the handle is in the ON position to maximize safety, although there is a built-in defeater mechanism for user access when necessary.
  • De-ionizing arc chutes confine and suppress the arcs produced by opening contacts under load, providing a safe operating experience.
  • Meets stringent UL98 standards for safety, durability and reliability