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Fusible - Cartridge Fuse
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DG323NRB - Eaton DG323NRB-CSA - Eaton DG324FGK - Eaton
DG324FRK-CSA - Eaton DG324NGK - Eaton DG324NRK - Eaton
DG324NRK-CSA - Eaton DG325FGK - Eaton DG325FRK - Eaton
DG325NGK - Eaton DG325NRK - Eaton DG326FGK - Eaton
DG326FRK - Eaton DG326NGK - Eaton DG326NRK - Eaton
Eaton's general duty cartridge fuse safety switches offer premium function and safety features. They have ample wiring space, visible double break rotary blade mechanisms, a side opening door on all enclosures, interlocking mechanism to prevent easy access when the switch is in the ON position, and clearly visible ON/OFF indication. With class H or R fuses, they can be used on systems capable of delivering 10,000 or 100,000 amperes rms symmetrical, respectively.
  • Visible double-break rotary blade mechanism offers two points of contact for a positive open and close, easier operation, and to help prevent contact burning for longer contact life.
  • Interlocking mechanism keeps the door closed when the handle is in the ON position to maximize safety.
  • Double and triple padlocking capability increases personnel safety.
  • The handle position (ON or OFF) can be clearly seen from a distance and the length provides for easy operation.