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FlashGuard Motor Control Center
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Eaton 86-5958 Eaton CH-N12A

FlashGard is Eaton’s Arc Free / Arc Resistant ANSI solution for Power Distribution and Motor Control Centers – the end result of decades as the ANSI leader in switchgear assemblies and applications. The Flashguard solution incorporates patented design features unmatched in the industry.

  • RotoTrack mechanism allows the unit to be disconnected from the vertical bus with the door closed; safest place to be is behind a door while stabbing in a unit.
  • Optional remote operated racking device can advance and retract the bus stabs from a distance of up to 25 feet, helping maintain the closed-door unit which is instrumental in mitigating an arc event.
  • Once the stabs are racked out of the vertical bus there is no voltage present in the unit from the bus, providing a safe working environment free of arc flash hazards.
  • ARC Reduction Maintenance System (ARMS) applied to the breaker feeding the motor control center reduces the trip time during an arc flash.
  • Unrestrictive racking mechanism prevents over torqueing of the RotoTrack.