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Stainless Steel Switch Upper and Lower Window Switches
Primarily for use in the meat packing and food processing industries or any application where water is frequently used to hose down equipment.

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The new enlarged window on 30–100A ratings allows visual blade position verification and blown fuse indication without opening the door.

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Eaton’s EnviroLine is primarily used where water is frequently used to hose down equipment. Window switches provide visual verification of ON/OFF status and fuse status. Receptacle switches are pre-wired and interlocked to polarized receptacles for three-phase, three-wire, grounded type power plugs.
  • Non-metallic switches are capable of handling any corrosive environment: choose Halyester for salt spray or high temperature.
  • EnviroLine switches have all of the features of Heavy Duty switches plus increased environmental or application features such as stainless mechanisms, windows, receptacles or special corrosion-resistant enclosures.
  • Clearly visible palm fitting red handle allows users to easily see the handle position (ON or OFF) from a distance and provides for easy operation.
  • Two points of contact provide a positive open and close, easier operation, and also help prevent contact burning for longer contact life.
  • Triple padlocking capability increases personnel safety.
  • Interlocking mechanism keeps the door closed when the handle is in the ON position to maximize safety, although there is a built-in defeater mechanism for user access when necessary.
  • Clear Line Shield protects against accidental contact with energized parts and the probe holes enable the user to test if the line side is energized without removing the shield.
  • Meets stringent UL98 standards for safety, durability and reliability.