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Air Conditioning Disconnect
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DPU362RA - Eaton
An Air Conditioning (AC) Disconnect provides an installer or repair personnel with a visible disconnecting means while performing maintenance on an air conditioning unit. Eaton offers the industry’s most complete line of AC Disconnects. Devices are available in fused, non-fused, molded case switch or three phase designs, and in metal or plastic enclosures for all applications.
  • Non-fused pullout and molded case switch devices provide a visible on-off disconnecting means.
  • Easy-to-remove high strength protective shield makes wiring and mounting easier.
  • Easy-to-remove front cover (no screws or fasteners to remove) allows easy access.
  • Padlockable door provision increases safety and reduces tampering.
  • Easy installation with multiple mounting options and oversized enclosure allows for ample wiring space.
  • Optional Ground Fault or Weather-resistant/Tamper-resistant receptacles are available.
An air conditioning disconnect (ACD) is a disconnect located between a loadcenter (distribution panel) and air conditioner. Eaton’s ACD product line provides an installer or repair personnel with a visible disconnecting means when performing maintenance. ACDs are also known as disconnects, pullouts or air conditioning switches.

Non-fused pullout and molded case switch devices provide personnel with a visible ON-OFF disconnecting means. While fused pullout units also perform this function, they also provide an additional level of protection for the air conditioner.

Fused and non-fused devices are of a pullout design, where the user physically removes or “pulls out” a tab to break the electrical connection.
A molded case switch is similar to a light switch where the user “switches” the unit to the indicated
ON-OFF position.

Fused and Non-Fused Pullouts
  • ON/OFF control provided by a pullout handle
  • Pullout handle can be conveniently stored in the compartment in the OFF position, helping to prevent the handle from being misplaced
  • Protective shield cannot be removed until the pullout handle is removed, disconnecting the power
Molded Case Switch
  • Rugged molded case construction in a disconnect switch that looks like a circuit breaker but operates like an ordinary household
  • light switch
  • Plug-in molded case switch (included) eliminates the need for pullout handles
  • No need for replacement pullout handles due to loss or theft
Application Description
The most widely used application for ACDs is for residential and light commercial air conditioning units. An ACD is installed outdoors, in visible proximity to the air conditioner condensing unit. ACDs are also found in use with heat pumps, swimming pools, spas, whirlpools and pump houses, and meet 2008 NEC Article 422.31 (B) requirements for servicing electric water heaters. Metallic enclosures are galvanized steel and are installed in various locations. Non-metallic enclosures are a plastic (polycarbonate) enclosure commonly used in coastal or salt-water areas.