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AUTOVAR 600 Automatic Power Factor
Correction Capacitor Systems
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Eaton 1000TPCSR431 Eaton 100MCSR231 Eaton 100MCSR231M
Eaton 100MCSR231MW Eaton 100MCSR231W Eaton 100MCSR4313
Eaton 100MCSR4313M Eaton 100MCSR4313MW Eaton 100MCSR4313W
Eaton 100MCSR6313 Eaton 100MCSR6313M Eaton 100MCSR6313MW
Eaton 100MCSR6313W Eaton 100TPCSR231 Eaton 100TPCSR231M
Eaton 1100TPCSR431 Eaton 1200TPCSR431 Eaton 125MCSR231
Eaton 125MCSR231M Eaton 125MCSR231MW Eaton 125MCSR231W
Eaton 125MCSR4313 Eaton 125MCSR4313M Eaton 125MCSR4313MW
Eaton 125MCSR4313W Eaton 125MCSR6313 Eaton 125MCSR6313M
Eaton 125MCSR6313MW Eaton 125MCSR6313W Eaton 125TPCSR231
Eaton 125TPCSR231M Eaton 150MCSR431 Eaton 150MCSR431M
Eaton 150MCSR431MW Eaton 150MCSR431W Eaton 150MCSR631M
Eaton 150MCSR631MW Eaton 150MCSR631W Eaton 150TPCSR231
Eaton 150TPCSR231M Eaton 150TPCSR431 Eaton 150TPCSR431M
Eaton 150TPCSR631 Eaton 150TPCSR631M Eaton 175MCSR431
Eaton 175MCSR431M Eaton 175MCSR431MW Eaton 175MCSR431W
Eaton 175MCSR631 Eaton 175MCSR631M Eaton 175MCSR631MW
Eaton 175MCSR631W Eaton 200MCSR431 Eaton 200MCSR431M
Eaton 200MCSR431MW Eaton 200MCSR431W Eaton 200MCSR631
Eaton 200MCSR631M Eaton 200MCSR631MW Eaton 200MCSR631W
Eaton 200TPCSR231 Eaton 200TPCSR231M Eaton 200TPCSR431
Eaton 200TPCSR431M Eaton 200TPCSR631M Eaton 225MCSR431
Eaton 225MCSR431M Eaton 225MCSR431MW Eaton 225MCSR431W
Eaton 225MCSR631 Eaton 225MCSR631M Eaton 225MCSR631MW
Eaton 225MCSR631W Eaton 250MCSR431 Eaton 250MCSR431M
Eaton 250MCSR431MW Eaton 250MCSR431W Eaton 250MCSR631
Eaton 250MCSR631M Eaton 250MCSR631MW Eaton 250MCSR631W
Eaton 250TPCSR231 Eaton 250TPCSR231M Eaton 250TPCSR431
Eaton 250TPCSR431M Eaton 250TPCSR631 Eaton 300TPCSR231
Eaton 300TPCSR231M Eaton 300TPCSR431 Eaton 300TPCSR431M
Eaton 300TPCSR631 Eaton 300TPCSR631M Eaton 350TPCSR231
Eaton 350TPCSR231M Eaton 350TPCSR431 Eaton 350TPCSR431M
Eaton 350TPCSR631 Eaton 400TPCSR431 Eaton 400TPCSR431M
Eaton 400TPCSR631 Eaton 400TPCSR631M Eaton 450TPCSR431
Eaton 450TPCSR431M Eaton 450TPCSR631 Eaton 500TPCSR431
Eaton 500TPCSR431M Eaton 500TPCSR631 Eaton 50MCSR231
Eaton 50MCSR4313 Eaton 50MCSR4313M Eaton 50MCSR4313MW
Eaton 50MCSR4313W Eaton 50MCSR6313 Eaton 50MCSR6313M
Eaton 50MCSR6313MW Eaton 50MCSR6313W Eaton 550TPCSR431
Eaton 550TPCSR431M Eaton 600TPCSR431 Eaton 600TPCSR431M
Eaton 600TPCSR631 Eaton 660TPCSR431 Eaton 660TPCSR431M
Eaton 660TPCSR631 Eaton 700TPCSR431 Eaton 700TPCSR431M
Eaton 720TPCSR431 Eaton 720TPCSR431M Eaton 75MCSR4313
Eaton 75MCSR4313M Eaton 75MCSR4313MW Eaton 75MCSR4313W
Eaton 75MCSR6313 Eaton 75MCSR6313M Eaton 75MCSR6313MW
Eaton 75MCSR6313W Eaton 75TPCSR231 Eaton 75TPCSR231M
Eaton 800TPCSR431 Eaton 900TPCSR431
Service entrance power factor correction installations requiring precise maintenance of target power factor.

The AutoVAR 600 is an automatically switched, free standing Power Factor Correction capable device designed for low voltage applications in installations requiring precise maintenance of target power factor in a very small footprint. Unit includes cleared fuse indicator lights and manual on/off switching easily accessible on the front cover.
  • Built-in controller (with optional communication capabilities) controls banks of contactor-connected capacitors.
  • Programmable to automatically add/subtract capacitor banks to maintain preset target power factor.
  • Heavy-duty, three-phase capacitor construction.
  • Five-year warranty of cells.
  • UL and CSA listed.
  • Optional molded case circuit breaker, rated 65 kAIC at 480 V and 600 V.
  • Personnel ground fault interruption provides protection in case of accidental contact with control power and ground.
  • Control wiring — standard NEC color-coded modular bundles with quick disconnect feature for ease of troubleshooting or ease of expendability.
  • Optional digital metering — IQ 250.
  • Bottom cable entry spacing.