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IntelliDisconnect Series Drives
208 Volt Models 230 Volt Models 480 Volt Models
208 Volt IntelliDisconnect Drives:
  • 4.6A-88A
  • 1-30 hp
  • NEMA Type 1 or NEMA Type 12
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230 Volt IntelliDisconnect Drives:
  • 4.2A-80A
  • 1-30 hp
  • NEMA Type 1 or NEMA Type 12

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480 Volt IntelliDisconnect Drives:
  • 2.1A-96A
  • 1-75 hp
  • NEMA Type 1 or NEMA Type 12

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H-Max Family Introduction Eaton's H-Max™ Series VFD is the next generation of drives specifically engineered for HVAC pump and fluid control applications. The H-Max family of products boasts industry leading energy efficiency algorithms for your applications. Not only are the drives ultra-efficient—they contain software that minimizes motor winding energy loses in your applications. Designed for easy installation, simple startup, and long life; the H-Max Series drive family provides exceptional value to our customers.

Product Range

Open Style Drives:

  • 0.75–125 hp at 230 Vac
  • 1.5–250 hp at 480 Vac
Note: Available in NEMA 1 or NEMA 12 designs.

IntelliPass/IntelliDisconnect Drives:

  • 1–30 hp at 208 Vac
  • 1–30 hp at 230 Vac
  • 1–75 hp at 480 Vac
Note: Available in NEMA 1, NEMA 12, or NEMA 3R enclosures.

Application Description

The H-Max Series drive was designed specifically for HVAC pump and fluid control applications. It is intended to be used on variable torque loads with the intent of moving air or liquids. With this in mind,
the H-Max drive has onboard I/O pre-programmed to meet the common needs for these applications. The H-Max drive supports items such as standard speed control, PID functionality, as well as multi-motor applications. The drive easily supports interlock, second motor parameter set, as well as fire mode functionality.

Key Feature
Active Energy Control Algorithm Eaton’s H-Max Series drives have been designed to provide industry leading energy saving solutions. Not only is the drive ultra-efficient, the drive seeks the most efficient operating point of the motor, minimizing energy loss in the windings per the given load requirements. This is an Eaton protected control algorithm exclusive to H-Max drives.